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Mayor Reed Dupy

By Mayor
Reed Dupy

MARCH 2019


As I have commented before, this disaster we call winter continues to inflict its wrath on us. We get teased by the occasional day of sunshine and decent temperatures only to be hurled back into the freezer.

KCHI Photo 02 12 19

Our street department is fighting an uphill battle with the freezing and thawing conditions and the way it has devastated the city streets. Jeff and his dedicated workers are attacking the pothole problem with the resources available until warmer weather prevails. The city will commit the necessary personnel and equipment to achieve a better street system.

The Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe made a stop in Chillicothe to announce the intent of the state and MoDOT to forge an initiative to repair a number of Missouri's many bridges. This state ranks 7th in the nation in lane miles of highways and bridges, but 48th in funding of its infrastructure. Unless the state moves forward with a solution to pay for construction and maintenance, our lifeline for commerce will fall into an emergency state of disrepair. A good highway system is essential for recreational and industrial advancement of our state and region.

Lieutenant Gov. Mike Kehoe bridge stop 02/25/19 - KCHI Photo

Core drilling has commenced in Simpson Park to construct the new playground area. The Friends of the Parks and other organizations and individuals have taken steps to help fund the relocation and expansion of the playground in the north area of the park. The intent is to address the drainage problem with an entirely new surface and equipment. The hope is to maintain the existing trees and carvings that make the park the gem of the Chillicothe group of parks.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley 06/15/2018

Our long-range plan for the city is to construct a secondary fire station in the north part of town. The continued growth of the city into the northern area will require this to happen. This station will house a pumper/ladder truck and at least one ambulance. One large aspect of this addition will be to maintain or improve the excellent rating or ISO score with the Insurance Institute. This, more than anything, lowers the rate the insurance companies charge policyholders for fire coverage. The ambulance positioning will help improve patient response times in that vicinity.

C-T Photo - Current Fire Station April 4, 2012

Another part of this vision is to build a new, more efficient law enforcement center. Our current building has some structural deficiencies which are currently being addressed in addition to a growing demand for more office space and evidence storage and retention. These are future needs for increasing governmental requirements and a growing city.

All of the departments have been able to excel in providing a high level of services to the citizens of Chillicothe. The financial position of the city government and Chillicothe Municipal Utilities helps make this town the pride of north Missouri. The employees continue to strive to accommodate the needs of the people who live in and/or do business in the city. Your team is only as great as its members, and this is why ours is the greatest. Taking ownership and the great volunteer spirit continue to push Chillicothe ahead of other cities. Thank you for your efforts and participation.

Thank you for being #greatestcitysince...

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