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Chuck Haney is sworn in as Mayor for the 105th
Council in April, 2017. His granddaughter,
Courtnie, holds the bible as City Clerk Roze
Frampton does the honor. CT Photo

By Mayor Chuck Haney

MAY 2017

A GOOD-BYE TO THE HOLLANDS AND BUSY TIMES IN OUR CITY... The past two weeks have been a little hectic as we prepared for the departure of City Administrator Ike Holland and the beginning of the search by the committee for a new administrator. Throw in the installation of the 105th city council and department heads in the normal city ceremony in the council chambers of the city hall and all the projects that are that underway, and it has been very busy indeed.

Recently, the Mayor, City Clerk Roze Frampton, and Auditor Theresa Kelly called a special department head meeting to go over the plans and procedures as the city operations continue minus a city administrator. First, I will tell you it should not be a problem. Myself, Roze, and Theresa have been down this path before - all went very smoothly during the prior times without an administrator, and we plan for the same type of transition again.

Let me join our former administrator Holland in congratulating the members of the city council and department heads during the swearing in ceremony on April 12. David Moore (pictured with me at left in a C-T photo) did not seek re-election as he wanted to spend some time traveling with Deborah and looking after his business and properties.

Mr. Moore had his last council meeting on Monday, April 10, as did Administrator Holland. In using Mr. Holland's words, we want to thank Mr. Moore for his service to the city and community and for carrying out the Councilman-at-Large and finance position in a professional manner. It was the second time he had served in that position, and I personally wouldn't be surprised if he returns a third time at some point.

Others re-elected on the council were Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham; Third Ward Councilman Tom Douglas; and Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Howard. Each was re-elected without opposition. Former First Ward Councilman was elected Councilman-at-Large, and newcomer Denny Albertson is now the First Ward Councilman.

C-T photos, Catherine Stortz Ripley

Others re-elected were Clerk Roze Frampton, Auditor Theresa Kelly, and Chief of Police Rick Knouse. All of our department heads returned in Bill Kieffer, airport; Darrell Wright, fire chief; Josh Norris, parks and recreation director; Barry Arthur, street commissioner; Tammie Venneman and Chuck Greever, codes department; and Chief Knouse. Dave Mapel continues to serve in a management position with Green Hills Golf Course which is now operated by Great Life, who also is managing our Fast Lanes Bowling Center. We welcome all aboard and look forward to serving with and for our community the next two years.

C-T photo, Catherine Stortz Ripley

This becomes the busy time of the year for all city departments with construction projects going on for LifeFlight at our municipal airport; CMU working with MC Power on the new solar farm in the southeast part of the city; and the constant work on our properties and parks in regard to clean-up and mowing. Heavy rains have caused some delays in construction, and there have been numerous cancellations of outdoor sports and the use of our ball fields.

Photo Courtesy of MC Power Company 04/25/17 (Groundbreaking, Solar Farm)

The Chillicothe Parks and Recreation Department is working with the Chillicothe Ministerial Alliance to host a work day in Simpson Park on Saturday, June 3. Josh Norris as Parks Director and Park Board member Lou Cowherd are taking the lead in organizing this special work day from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. As Mr. Norris pointed out in the letter sent to members of the Ministerial Alliance, "our community takes great pride in our parks, and we want them to continue to look attractive and well maintained, so we are inviting people of all ages from our community and those who travel through our area to participate." Norris pointed out that this project will make a big difference in making Simpson Park have a professional look for its many events held throughout the year. More information about this Project in Simpson Park will be announced by Norris and the parks department as well as the city and Ministerial Alliance later. If interested in helping, please contact the parks department at 660-646-4424.

Friday, April 21, marked the final day on the job for City Administrator Ike Holland. At the request of C-T News Editor Catherine Stortz Ripley he wrote a farewell column. I hope you had an opportunity to read it. The column appeared in the April 17 edition of the newspaper. Before leaving, Holland also issued a short email to the administration, council, and department heads. His message followed a ceremony at city hall after the installation of the new council members (pictured with me at left in a C-T photo).

Holland said, and I quote: "I want to thank everyone for the nice ceremony and clock that was presented to me. Chillicothe means a lot to me and I will truly have fond memories of the time I spent here." Holland also congratulated the members of the 105th city council administration who serve this great city; thanked David Moore for his service; and wished all he very best following their election earlier in April.

It was great news to learn that our City had been selected to host the 2018 Fire Fighters Association of Missouri Convention in 2018. This event will bring 400 to 500 guests to our community, and we want to show off the Home of Sliced Bread and the City of Murals.

Street work will soon begin following bid openings as well as other street and road repairs of the more than 80 miles of streets in our city. Meanwhile, when the rain stops, the mowing will again begin on a regular basis.

Preparations are going on at the Chilli Bay Water Park with more than 40 lifeguards and other part-time summer help for concessions, mowing, and ball fields getting to work.

In closing, I just want to say what a great pleasure and opportunity I had to work the past 5 1/2 years with Ike Holland as City Administrator. I can tell you he is one of the best; and we want to wish him the very best in his new position in Willmar, MN, a city of 20,000 plus. He and his wife Leslie and family (three of their children graduated or will graduate by Mother's Day at Chillicothe High School) will all be missed in Chillicothe, at the St. Columban's Church, and at Bishop Hogan School where his wife served as administrative assistant.

Enjoy your city!

I have already told you more than I know.

Mayor Haney's "Around Our Town" column is available in the Chillicothe Constitution Tribune newspaper the first week of each month. His additional columns, "On the Street", are also available in the newspaper weekly.

Mayor Haney on Ingram's list of 50 Missourians You Should Know (March 27, 2013)

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