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Mayor Reed Dupy

By Mayor
Reed Dupy



We have traveled through the month of December and the holiday season into the new year of 2019. It makes me somewhat sad to see all the wonderful decorations and lighting displays retired, especially those in Simpson Park and the downtown area.

City Hall has been busy selling licenses for pets and business licenses for retail and professionals. All the property taxes have been collected through the county to streamline the process for the taxpayer. I know everyone enjoys paying their taxes.

The fire and ambulance vehicles have completed the installation and testing of their new radio system. This finishes the equipping of all the police, fire and emergency services units with the new low band network. The ambulance service has been running a very high volume of response calls during the holidays, with many transfers to other medical facilities.

Our police department continues to receive more monetary funding grants. They were just notified of a $10,000 grant award for equipment from Missouri Department of Public Safety with a Local Law Enforcement Block Grant.

All the department heads have started to assemble their funding requests for the 2019-2020 fiscal year which begins on April 1, 2019. They will work with the city administrator and city auditor to develop the financial budget to guide city spending through the year and into years after 2020. The various department chiefs each construct multi-year plans to project expenditures for the next five years.

We sadly accepted the resignation of longtime 4th ward councilman Paul Howard. Everyone in the city wishes him the best and thanks him for his years of service to the community.

Look for the announcement of the first annual Sliced Bread Gala on February 16 featuring renowned jazz artist Lonny McFadden. It will benefit the Visitors Center located at 1st and Elm Streets and the activities that happen in July.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2019. The City of Chillicothe continues to advance to bigger and better things each year and an ever-improving way of life. Thank you all for your assistance and involvement. Without the great citizens and organizations this would never be possible.

Remember #greatestcitysince...

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