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Maple Park Apartments' Newly Renovated Units
March 17, 2015

With a high of 81 degrees and a slight breeze in the air Monday, it was the perfect weather for Maple Park Apartments residents to move into their newly-renovated homes. This income-based apartment complex began renovations in December and have completed 12 units so far. Wanda Peetoom, executive director of Maple Park Apartments, said there are still 36 units left to renovate; however, she hopes 20 more units will be done within the next 90 days so the next round of residents can move in come June. As of now, about half of the units in the apartment complex are occupied. Peetoom anticipates this $2.6 million renovation will bring in more residents.

CT Photo by Brittany Tutt

The apartment complex was built in 1977 and has had no major renovations until now. They are one bedroom, one bathroom units. There are four units to a building, totaling 48 units and 12 buildings. According to Peetoom, the apartments were gutted to their studs, and all things put into the apartments are brand new. Builders installed new roofing, insulation, windows, doors, siding, cabinets, light fixtures, appliances, laminate flooring, carpeting and storm doors. The renovated apartments have ceiling fans, microwaves and garbage disposals and builders also knocked out a partial wall to enlarge the living room area. New energy efficient furnaces, water heaters and air conditioners were also installed. Peetoom said these new energy efficient appliances will help residents save money on their utility bills. Maple Park pays for residents' water, sewer and trash; however, residents pay for their own utilities. Electrical upgrades were also made, including the installation of electrical panels, breakers and GFIs. When the warmer weather sets in, concrete and landscape work will begin, according to Peetoom. The new feature Peetoom thinks long-time residents will most appreciate is the washer and dryer. Before, apartment residents did their laundry at a shared Maple Park laundry facility. Now, they have not only a washer and dryer hook up in their rooms, but Maple Park has also supplied each unit with new washers and dryers.

Residents who were living in the newly-renovated apartments before the renovation took place were moved up the road to vacant, unrenovated Maple Park Apartments temporarily. On Monday, the 12 getting to move into their newly renovated homes were excited.

There are 20 rental assistant units and 28 units with no rental assistance. The base rent in $390 per month and market rent is $419. The base rent increased from $340 to $390 after renovations. Those who qualify for rental assistance will pay at least $390 per month, but rent may range for those with assistance anywhere from between $390 and $419. As of now, 23 units are currently occupied and 25 are vacant. Maple Park Apartments are currently taking applications at their office located at 320 Park Lane. Applicants will need a criminal background check ran and will need landlord references in order to apply.

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