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Railroad Crossing

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Work continues on the city's project to build a railroad crossing where a railroad bridge once stood in the Lowe's Acres area in east Chillicothe. A concrete pad on the north side of the tracks was poured Tuesday, and a pad on the south side was expected to be poured today (Wednesday). The city will lay a 3-inch rock base from the top of the hill to the tracks and wait a couple weeks for the rock to settle. Chillicothe Township will then put a layer of surface rock on top. This crossing is on Willow Avenue and LIV 247.

CITY COUNCIL EXCERPT 08/11/14: The city of Chillicothe plans to pursue removing an old wooden bridge over the railroad tracks on LIV 274 near Lowe's Acres and replacing it with a low-grade crossing. The city closed the bridge last month for safety reasons when it was discovered that a main support beam had split in half.

Street Superintendent Barry Arthur told council members that the bridge, estimated to be at least 50 years old, has a 9-ton load limit and it was likely that a heavier load crossing the bridge caused the damage. City Administrator Ike Holland said the city could pursue repairing the bridge, building a new bridge, or removing the bridge. He noted tht the city owns the bridge as well as the railroad and that the MoDOT railroad administration has up to $250,000 available that could be used to assist the city with certain expenses regarding the crossing, such as signage. It was noted much of the dirt work for the project could be handled by the street department. Frank Thompson, representing Chillicothe Township, said he was in favor of having the bridge removed and said the township would be willing to provide assistance where possible. It is anticipated that MoDOT's railroad administration will have an engineer visit the site and discuss options with the city.

C-T Photo / Brittany Tutt / LIV 247 Bridge

July 31, 2014 - Effective immediately and until further notice, the bridge over the railroad on LIV 247, near Lowe's Acres and the former Catfish Place restaurant is closed for traffic. There is a major issue with the support beams and other parts of the structure that the City deemed to be an immediate cause to close the bridge, according to Assistant Street Superintendent Leroy Snidow. The bridge will remain closed until it has been repaired and cleared by an engineer for safe usage.

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