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Remodel Includes Apartment with Balcony
January 21, 2015

An old building now has a new, updated look that blends in with the historical appearance of downtown Chillicothe. Adam Warren, Chillicothe's prosecuting attorney and Livingston County's elected prosecuting attorney, has remodeled his private practice located downtown at 711 Washington Street. He opened his practice in 2006, a year after graduating from law school, and began remodeling the inside of the building shortly thereafter. He finished remodeling the inside in 2009. This past fall he began working on the facade and finished that renovation in December. The building is 900 square-feet for both the upstairs and downstairs. The downstairs of the building is used as Warren's office and the upstairs is a loft, where he and his wife Melanie lived for a few years until recently. Downstairs, Warren added a dividing wall between his office in the back and the front office, painted the walls and added shelving. In the loft upstairs there is a living room, kitchen, bedroom area, laundry room, bathroom and a few closets. The loft also has a balcony area overlooking part of downtown. Warren thought it would be neat to have a balcony in the loft so people can step out there and look at the town. Also, it would offer a little outside space for people since there is no yard. Also during the facade renovation, Warren blocked off access from Warren's office downstairs and the loft upstairs. Warren did this knowing he and his family would not be living upstairs forever, and would eventually be renting it out. By making the office and the loft two different entrances, it gives both Warren and the renter privacy. Currently, there is not a renter in the loft. Warren said he believes his building is about 100 years old but is still in good shape due to being reinforced in the 1980s. He knows the building was formerly an ice cream shop called Sip N Dip, the Clipper (which is now next door) and the upstairs was once used as a dress shop. Warren bought the building from Pat Anderson. It is a great location being close to City Hall and the courthouse. Main Street contributed $5,000 to Warren's facade renovation through the facade renovation program offered to downtown businesses. After an application is submitted and approved, the program will match the renovation dollar for dollar up to $5,000.

CAPTION: The building at 711 Washington Street sports a new look these days with an interior and exterior renovation. Adam Warren opened his practice at this location in 2006 and began remodeling the building shortly thereafter.

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