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Canadian Pacific RR Building New Office
December 31, 2014

Photo Beth Cox, CT ~ Canadian Pacific RR building new office on E. Third

Canadian Pacific Railroad is building a new general rail yard office and repair facility on East Third Street. According to Chuck Greever, code enforcement/inspector for Chillicothe, the new office space will be 40 by 102 feet, and Dean Snyder Construction Company out of Clear Lake Iowa will be building it.

"Chillicothe is a central location for them so it made sense to have a main office here," Greever said. Tim Carlson, Canadian Pacific's senior project manager, said, "Everything that goes to Kansas City, goes through Chillicothe... it's a main line for us."

Canadian Pacific currently has two offices in Chillicothe. One is a trailer on Jackson Street and one on Webster that is mainly used for storage. According to Carlson, they will keep the trailer on Webster for storage but will no longer use the one on Jackson. "There just wasn't enough room for all of our staff anymore. It will be nice to have everyone under one roof," Carlson said.

Greever said the estimated time of completion is April 15, weather permitting. Carlson said he is excited for the location transition, and he wanted to thank the city for being helpful.

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