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Candidate Filing Period Opens
December 13, 2016

Candidate filing for city offices opened at 8 a.m. Tuesday. Among the first to file were candidates Reed Dupy (for councilman-at-large), Wayne Cunningham (2ndWard councilman), Tom Douglas (3rdWard councilman), Paul Howard (4thWard councilman), Theresa Kelly (auditor), and Rozanne (Roze) Frampton (city clerk). David Moore, who currently serves as councilman-at-large, said he was not planning to seek re-election.

From left: Paul Howard (4th Ward councilman), Wayne Cunningham (2nd Ward councilman),
Reed Dupy (councilman-at-large), Theresa Kelly (auditor), Roze Framptom (foreground - City Clerk).
CT Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

No one had filed for the 1st Ward council seat as of the publishing deadline Monday afternoon. This position had been filled by Dupy for the last six years. Denny Albertson, 2115 Meadowlane Drive, filed his candidacy for Chillicothe 1st Ward councilman a few days later. Also, as of the publishing deadline, no one had filed for the office of mayor, a position held by Chuck Haney since 2007, nor the office of constable, a position currently held by Rick Knouse.

Cunningham has served as 2nd Ward councilman since 2011 and is seeking his fourth term. Douglas, who has served for a combined nine terms, is seeking his overall 10th term and fifth consecutive term as 3rd Ward councilman. Howard is seeking his fifth term as 4th Ward councilman. Frampton is seeking her 10th term as city clerk. Kelly is seeking her 12th term as city auditor.

Darlene Hughes filed Tuesday morning for the position of Livingston County Health Center Trustee. There are three positions open.

Richard Knouse (62), 1208 Locust Street, Chillicothe, MO, filed for City Constable December 22, 2016.

Marilyn Brodmerkle, of Chillicothe, filed her candidacy for the office of Livingston County Health Center trustee Friday afternoon, January 6, 2017.

Jaime Pittman, 1804 Borden, filed her candidacy for the position of Livingston County Health Center trustee to be voted for at the municipal election April 4.

Ronald D. Beetsma, 17378 Highway C, Mooresville, filed his candidacy for the position of Livingston County Ambulance District director, District 6, to be voted for at the municipal election April 4.

Lauren Horsman, 2114 Country Club Drive, Chillicothe, filed her candidacy for the position of Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education. She filed at 9:41 a.m., Thursday, January 12.

The filing period remains open through January 17. The election is April 4, 2017.

Filing Period Closes for April Election - The candidate filing period closed Tuesday for the April 4 election. No contests had emerged for the city of Chillicothe; however, the Chillicothe R2 Board of Education has four candidates for three open seats. School board candidates are Jason Bone, Pat Jones, Patrick Groom and Lauren Horsman. The terms of Bone, who is the current board president and who has served on the board for the last six years, and Jones, who is completing his first term on the board and currently serves as the board's treasurer, are expiring. The term of Michael Leamer is also expiring; however, Leamer did not file for re-election.

The candidate roster for the city of Chillicothe as of closing time Tuesday consists of: Chuck Haney (mayor), Rozanne (Roze) Frampton (city clerk), Theresa Kelly (city auditor), Reed Dupy (councilman-at-large), Denny Albertson (1st Ward councilman), Wayne Cunningham (2nd Ward councilman), Tom Douglas (3rd Ward councilman), Paul Howard (4th Ward councilman), Richard Knouse (city constable). No one has filed for the positions of city treasurer or city attorney.

Filing was also open for two county boards: the Livingston County Health Center Board and the Livingston County Ambulance District. Candidates for the Ambulance District are: Bill Hayen (District 1), Darrel Rinehart (District 2), filling an unexpired term with one year remaining, Ken Lauhoff (District 4), and Ronald Beetsma, District 6. The District 6 position was most recently held by Alvin Thompson, who was elected county commissioner in November. There are two years remaining of his 3-year term.

Four individuals filed their candidacies for one of three open seats on the Health Center Board. They are Darlene Hughes, Doug Doughty, Marilyn Brodmerkle and Jaime Pittman.

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