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City Hall Repairs

CT 03 22 19 - On Wednesday, the doors in City Hall facing Washington Street were removed, and a new set of doors were installed to help increase safety, Theresa Kelly, city auditor, said. "These doors are now identical to the doors on the north of the building," she said. "Even if the doors are locked due to an executive session and people need to exit, they can do so safely." The old doors required a key to exit after the doors had been locked from the outside. Removal of the old doors and installation of the new doors all occurred on Wednesday. The new doors cost $4500 and were included in the 2018-2019 budget. The 2018-2019 budget year ends on March 31.

CT Photo/Angie Talken

C-T 10 25 17 - After Innovative Masonry Restoration, LLC out of Kansas City, began working on the water sealing project at City Hall, they realized that there were a few more problems than originally anticipated. It seems they will be tuck pointing the brick and replacing six lintels above the windows, along with the water proofing work to the masonry. Chuck Greever from planning and zoning said that they found that the originals were worn down to rust after the contractors began working on the walls. Another issue found was the south wall above the roof line on the exterior of the building. The wall was leaning badly, and the crew took it down about two feet and stabilized it. The project that started in early September was originally scheduled to be completed in November but has been extended to be finished in December.

C-T Photo / Jaime Saucedo

C-T 09 01 17 - Restoration work began this week at Chillicothe City Hall, where the 91-year-old building has experienced significant water damage. The exposed brick wall shows extensive damage to the mortar between the bricks on the third floor. This photograph was taken from the northeast corner of the third floor. The overall restoration project involves various wall repairs, including repointing interior mortar joints, parapet wall repairs, upper cornice repairs, and sealing exterior brick with water repellant. Innovative Masonry Restoration, of Kansas City, Kansas, has the contract on the project for $190,857. The restoration project is anticipated to be completed by November 3. The City Hall building was constructed in 1926.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

City Addresses Water Issues at 1926 Building
October 13 2016

Some small measures soon will be taken to help stop moisture from entering into Chillicothe City Hall, and an engineer soon will be drawing up detailed specifications for a more extensive solution. City Administrator Ike Holland discussed the condition of the 1926 City Hall building during the city council's regular meeting Monday evening, October 10, at City Hall. He presented the findings of a walk-through evaluation conducted by an engineer with Allstate Consultants, LLC. Moisture staining and damage was observed on the ceiling at several locations within the building, including the upper level stairway and in the auditorium, and mold growth was evident in the auditorium. Several areas were identified as having cracks and mortar degradation.

CT Photo Catherine Stortz Ripley

Chuck Greever, city code enforcement/inspector, also was on hand Monday evening to provide information. Holland stated that the city will immediately address some small needs and that an engineer will draw up specifics for masonry work. "There are some small things the city will get fixed with local contractors," Holland said. "We hope to have some of those things fixed within the next week or two." Overall, the roof appeared to be in good condition, the consultant stated in the report. The primary cause of the observed moisture damage inside the building appeared to have been caused by degraded upper cornices. The consultants issued a recommendation and stated that repairs to the structure should be completed by a qualified contractor with experience working with masonry buildings of this type.

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