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Nearly $10M in Commercial, Residential Permits
Chillicothe closed out 2014 by posting a big year in residential and commercial construction projects.

January 7, 2015 

Chillicothe closed out 2014 by posting a big year in residential and commercial construction projects. The city had its biggest year of residential construction since at least 2010 and also had a large commercial construction year. The city issued 380 permits during 2014, amounting to nearly $9.92 million in residential and commercial projects, according to figures provided by Chuck Greever, Chillicothe code enforcement/inspector. There were 105 permits issued for building, 107 for digging, 66 for roofing and 45 for flatwork. There were 21 permits issued for demolition, seven for new homes, and three for new businesses. Permits for fencing, signage, grading and trailer moving comprised the balance of the total number of permits issued by the city. The permits classified as building permits include remodeling, electrical and other construction that does not fall under the permits. Permits for residential projects totaled $5,398,122, nearly double the annual totals of preceding years. In 2013, the city approved permits for $2,355,108 in residential projects, a slight decrease from 2012's residential projects, which totaled $2,433,428.

The largest residential project for 2014 was for $2.6 million in upgrades to the Maple Park Apartments. The upgrades include new roofing, doors, windows, siding, upgrading electrical, plumbing and new kitchens. The complex consists of 48 units (12 buildings with four apartments per building).

Maple Park Apartments. Photo: Catherine Stortz Ripley

Permits for commercial projects for 2014 totaled $4,518,371. Major projects for the year were the Canadian Pacific general rail yard office, the new SMC building, the Donut Palace, the new addition to Midwest Glove and Gear (expanded its storage capacity with the construction of a 35,000 square-foot facility south of the company's current distribution center on Brunswick Street), the addition to O'Reilly Automotive, the new fire training center, an upgrade of the equipment to the AT&T building the issuing of the permit for the new Sonic (with construction to start in the spring). Commercial construction projects are up from 2013's $2,747,293, and lower than 2012's figures when there were $7,372,967 in approved permits. That year included construction of the new $1 million Litton stadium and the $3 million expansion to Cloverleaf Cold Storage. The city collected $39,462.65 in permit fees during 2014.

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