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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 01 08 18 (CMU Boring Machine, CPD Surplus Property)

Chillicothe City Council members on Monday evening unanimously approved the purchase of a new directional boring machine for Chillicothe Municipal Utilities in the amount of $211,519. Electric Superintendent Matt Hopper said that CMU's current boring machine is a 1999 model and repair parts are difficult to locate. The new boring machine will be used by CMU for burying electric lines. CMU currently has a program in place requiring all new power lines to be placed underground. CMU tested the equipment by doing an overhead to underground conversion in an area behind Country Club Drive, north of Arcadia, before recommending its purchase. Placing electric lines below ground offsets tree-trimming costs and reduces power interruptions caused by squirrels getting onto the lines because of the lines close proximity to trees. The new boring machine will also enhance the utilities’ mapping system. As CMU does work, the locator will automatically GPS the location of the conduits, then download that information to the mapping system. "This machine will serve us not only today but well into the future," Hoppe said. It is anticipated that the new machine will arrive by mid-February. The older boring machine will be sold.

Also Monday, the council declared certain property of the Chillicothe Police Department as surplus. The list of items includes about 25 rifles, semiautomatic rifles, shotguns and other weapons, as well as a 2003 Trailblazer. These items will be sold at auction in February. Council members declared five fully automatic weapons as surplus; however, these weapons cannot be sold to individuals and must sold to an agency.

The council on Monday approved Mayor Chuck Haney's recommendation to reappoint Rolfe McCoy to a second term on the CMU Board of Public Works.

Mayor Chuck Haney presided over the meeting with the full council in attendance.


The Chillicothe City Council will have its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, January 8, 2018, in the council chambers at City Hall. The agenda calls for Mayor Chuck Haney to reappoint Rolfe McCoy to the CMU Board of Public Works and for Police Chief Jon Maples to declare certain items as surplus. Jim Gillilan, general manager of Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, will discuss a recommendation to purchase a new directional boring machine for CMU in the amount of $211,519. An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular meeting, if necessary.

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