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COUNCIL MEETING 01/28/19 (Farm Ground, 2018 Employee, City Audit, Marijuana Laws)

At the Monday meeting of the Chillicothe City Council members honored fellow councilpersons and approved a farm land lease on the city's outside.

Over the weekend, Third Ward Councilman Tom Douglas and former Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Howard both died at their homes. The council took several minutes to honor the work and dedication of both of the men. "On behalf of the staff and City of Chillicothe, we all express our sadness on the loss of these dedicated public servants," Darin Chappell, city administrator said. (Read more >>)

On a vote of 4-0 the council approved the Farm Ground Lease for the City of Chillicothe's new Industrial Park located on the south side of the city. The contract for the 137 acres of land was awarded to Mitch and Mark Sykes for a total of $19,565 per year, with half paid at the time of the contract and the other half in November. The Sykes were only one of two bidders for the lease on the land. The council approved a one year lease.

On another unanimous vote, the council approved the acceptance of a contract with Conrad & Higgins, LLC., for auditing services through 2021. Outgoing City Auditor Theresa Kelly told the council she felt it was vital to retain the services from the outside auditing firm Conrad & Higgins since she will be leaving her position and a new city auditor will be taking her place. "It will be extraordinarily difficult to have both a new city auditor and a new auditing firm," Chappell said. "It is important to stay with the overall, outside auditor."

The discussion regarding changes to city laws due to the passage of Amendment 2, a medical marijuana law, was tabled until a later date. Robert Cowherd, city attorney, said tabling the discussion does not place the city in any danger of not complying with state mandated timelines as state agencies are still working to establish all of the needed regulations. He noted that the city council can pass ordinances or laws regulating the time, place and manner in which the facilities are run, but cannot pass any regulations that will hinder any part of the state law. During the Nov. 6, 2018, general election, Amendment 2 got 65.54 percent of total votes cast in the state of Missouri; 54.18 percent of Livingston County voters cast their ballot to pass Amendment 2. The council expects to bring the matter up at the next council meeting on Feb. 11.

CT Photo Angie Talken

The council also recognized Chillicothe Police Officer Caleb Clements who was selected as the 2018 City of Chillicothe Employee of the Year. Clements, a seven-year veteran in law enforcement has served four years in Chillicothe. Clements, a field training officer, was nominated by Police Chief Jon Maples.


The Chillicothe City Council meets Monday for a Finance Workshop and City Council Meeting. The Finance Workshop is Monday at 5:30 pm in the conference room at city hall. The Council Meeting in Council Chambers is at 6:30 p.m., and the agenda includes:

  • An ordinance to accept bids for the farm ground operations.

  • City Administrator Darin Chappell presentation to recognize Caleb Clements as City Employee of 2018.

  • Chappell to present a contract for Conrad and Higgins to continue with the auditing services for the city.

  • City Attorney to lead a discussion on changes to city laws due to the passage of medical marijuana laws. The changes could include zoning, criminal laws, business licenses, and regulation of the time, place and manner of operation of medical marijuana facilities.

An executive session is planned to follow the regular meeting.

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