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CPD Wall Repairs, Board Appointments, Annual Service Reports)

Council Rejects Police Station Wall Repair Bid; Reports and Requests Presented
February 9, 2016

The City Council of the City of Chillicothe's regular meeting was held Monday night in the CouNcil Chambers of City Hall. One of the first topics of discussion was the bid received from Irvinbilt Constructors Inc. to repair a Chillicothe Police Department wall. Irvinbilt's bid for the wall was $278,600 and Irvinbilt was the only bidder. After much discussion, the council decided to reject the bid due to it being much higher than they had originally thought and having no other bids to compare it to. The council also discussed advertising the job more and reworking the bid requirements to have bidders include a "break out" costs.

Karen Nichols was reappointed to the Parks & Recreation Board with a 5-0 vote, Brooks Macoubrie was reappointed to the Golf Board with a 5-0 vote, Larry Gatson was reappointed to the Housing Board with a 5-0 vote, Lisa Mathews was reappointed to the Housing Board with a 5-0 vote, Eric Niswonger was appointed to the Parks & Recreation Board (replacing Karen Dixon) with a 5-0 vote and Brian Horton was appointed to the Airport Board (replacing Pat Cook) with a 5-0 vote.

Annual Service reports from Small Business Development and Technology Center, Summer Playground Association, YMCA, Freedom Festival, and Chillicothe Area Arts Council were also given at the council meeting last night. For the Small Business Development and Technology Center, Matt Trussell gave the report. The center is requesting $7,500 from the city this year. Stan Baldwin reported to the council on behalf of the Summer Playground Association. The association is requesting $13,000 from the city this year, which Baldwin said has been the same amount requested since he and his wife first headed the association about 12 years ago. For the YMCA, Matt Jones gave the report. The YMCA is requesting $14,500 from the city. Scott Rule spoke on behalf of the Freedom Festival. Rule said he is working toward turning the festival into a weekend-long festivity this year. Last year the city contributed $3,000, and this year Rule asked for $4,000 because of the expansion of the festival. However, Rule said whatever amount the city can contribute is appreciated. Mary Lou VanDeventer, the new director of the Chillicothe Area Arts Council, gave the report with former director, Julie Ashbrooke. VanDeventer said the council is not asking for a certain amount of money. Whatever the council can give will be appreciated, VanDeventer said. Last year the city gave the arts council $1,500.

SBDC gives year-end report, makes funding request
February 10, 2016

Many reports and funding requests were given at the city council meeting on Monday night in City Hall. Among those giving reports and requests was Matt Trussell with the Northwest Missouri State University Small Business Development Center. Trussell told the council that the center is moving into its 23rd year and is requesting $7,500 to support the office for the 2016 budget year. "The Chillicothe SBTDC, through the support of the City, is able to provide services to start-ups, as well as, existing businesses that are financially beyond their means," Trussell said. These services include market research utilizing proprietary data bases and library sources, business plan development, financial analysis, assistance in acquiring financing, buy-sell agreements, exit strategy planning, and access to referral services that include selling to the government. The center also provides training seminars to enhance various business aspects. "Many of these services would run hundreds of dollars if the client was forced to utilize private sector resources," Trussell said. "Additionally, many of these services are not available in the private sector in the local area." Trussell reported to the council that in 2015, the Center helped businesses in the region increase sales by over $3,500,000; acquire almost $2,000,000 in financing, helped create or retain 83 jobs, helped start six businesses, trained 150 clients and counseled 95 clients. "We appreciate the continued support of the City of Chillicothe and look forward to serving the resident public for many more years," Trussell said.

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