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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 02/10/2014 (Demolition Project, Advisory Board Recognitions, Fire Dept. Engineer, Permit Fees, Police Officers Employed)

City Demolition Project Advances: Potential Conflicts of Interest to be Determined for City Project
By CALLI PRICE - CT - February 11, 2014

C-T Photo / Courtnie Cranmer

CAPTION: The above trailers, located on Cowgill, are a few of the properties to be demolished under the Chillicothe demolition project. Once it has been determined that no conflict of interest exists for the properties, phase two of the demolition project will commence. The city, with assistance from a Community Development Block Grant, plans to demolish approximately 40 structures this year.

A discussion of the beginning phases of the demolition project in Chillicothe took place at the regular bi-monthly Chillicothe City Council meeting Monday evening, February 10, 2014. Assistant City Codes Enforcement Officer Tammi Venneman and Ann Hamilton, of Green Hills Regional Planning Commission, appeared before the council to provide updates on the first phase of the project. Hamilton said that between 25 and 30 consent forms have been signed already and they are going through with environmental checks on the properties. Once environmental checks are complete, they can only move on to the second phase of the project once they have assured that none of the property demolitions will result in a conflict of interest. The council will have to check with the state to determine the requirements for how deep they will need to check to determine conflicts of interest. After the council checks with the state, the issue will be brought to another meeting to be discussed.

C-T Photo / Courtnie Cranmer 

CAPTION: The demolition project for the city of Chillicothe is underway. Homes are currently being inspected. Once all homes have been inspected, and once it has been established that no conflicts of interest exist for the properties that are to be demolished, phase two of the demolition project will begin.

Several individuals were recognized for their accomplishments during the council meeting. Both Amy Supple, of the Railroad Advisory Board, and Gene Moyers, of the Board of Adjustments, have reached their term limitations and were presented with Advisory Board Service Awards from Mayor Chuck Haney. Both Supple and Moyers served eight years on their respective boards. "Amy has had a lot of good suggestions," Haney said, adding that he appreciated her years of dedication and service. "I was happy to do it," Supple said. Haney said that he has known Moyers for a long time and he has done a good job of serving Chillicothe. "He has a strong interest in our city and a commitment to our city," Haney explained. "He's done a good job as a member of the Board of Adjustments for the past eight years and will continue to serve on the Planning and Zoning Board until 2016." Moyers said he was happy to serve the City. "My wife and I love Chillicothe," Moyers added. "We're just delighted to work here and be part of the community."

Fire Chief Darrell Wright introduced David Gillespie as the new engineer at the Chillicothe Fire Department, where Gillespie has worked since 2000. "He, for years, operated heavy equipment before he came to the fire department, so his experience operating that equipment as a fire truck operator is very beneficial to us," Wright said. "I want to thank everybody for supporting me on this," Gillespie said. "I'll try to do the best I can. You're only as good as your crew, and my crew is second to none as far as I'm concerned. We've got a fantastic department."

The council passed an ordinance approving changes in the permit fee schedule for 2014. Codes Director Chuck Greever said the changes will include an increase of about six cents per square foot of construction. The rate for flatwork permits for pouring concrete slabs were also changed. Large projects will now be a flat fee of $75 instead of five cents per square foot, and the medium slab size increased from $1,000 maximum to $1,500 maximum.

The next city council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24, in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

City Hires 3 New Officers, Promotes One

Three new police officers were employed and one officer promoted following an executive session of the council. Promoted to the rank of sergeant in the department was Jeremy Stephens who has been with the department for six years. New officers who will begin work on March 3 are Michael Smith (now serving as a deputy sheriff in Caldwell County); Blaine Kennedy (who has served as peace officer in both Kansas and Missouri); and Jordan Webb (a December graduate of the Police Academy). There is a possibility that one additional officer could be employed.

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