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COUNCIL MEETING 02/26/18 (Golf Course Name Change, Coach K Street, Budget Requests, Street Proposals 2018, City Admin Pay Increase)

C-T 03 02 18 - Chillicothe City Council members approved the list of streets slated for improvements this year as presented by Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie during the regular council meeting at City Hall Monday evening. The actual scope of work for each street has yet to be determined; however, the list of streets are as follows: Fairchild Street, between Lambert and Dorney streets; Hickory Street, between 3rd Street and the railroad tracks; Paul Street, between Jackson and Herriman streets; Oak Street, between 11th Street and John F. Kennedy Ave; Springhill Road, between Fair Street and the city limits; Peacher Street, between Clay and Grandview streets. Broken Arrow Road, between Tomahawk Road and Fair Street, also is included on the list. This project has existing storm water infrastructure that is slated to be reconstructed. It was previously designed and the existing plans will be modified.

The council on Monday tabled discussions regarding an ordinance approving an engineer contract for this year's street project.

Chillicothe City Council members conducted a six-month evaluation of Chillicothe City Administrator Darin Chappell during an executive session Monday evening at City Hall and approved with a 4-0 vote to increase his pay by $10,000 annually to $105,000 per year. Voting in favor of the increase were Councilmen Reed Dupy, Denny Albertson, Wayne Cunningham, and Tom Douglas. Councilman Paul Howard was absent from the meeting. The increase went into effect March 1.

C-T 02 28 18 - Chillicothe City Council members tabled discussions about the proposed name change of the city-owned Green Hills Golf Course to Litton Ranch Golf Club Monday night and will revisit the matter later this year. The council chose not to make a decision Monday because Mayor Chuck Haney and Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Howard were not present at the meeting. Council members had discussed the name change for the last several weeks and postponed making a decision at their previous meeting because Councilman Tom Douglas was not present and because there had been some concern raised that those who worked to establish a public golf course nearly 30 years ago had not been asked for input regarding the name change. It was determined that postponing a decision until the next council meeting would be too late to make changes for the 2018 season.

The council also tabled discussions about an ordinance accepting Coach K Street, the street connecting U.S. Highway 65 to the new elementary school building in north Chillicothe. Councilman Wayne Cunningham said he had concerns about the new road because it was constructed using asphalt, rather than concrete. The city provided $300,000 from its permanent street fund to assist the school district in building the road. "We felt it was going to be a concrete street," Cunningham said during the meeting. "Every one of us thought it was going to be a concrete street. I don't feel we spent taxpayers' money wisely." Dr. Roger Barnes, superintendent of schools, said that the street project had always been planned as asphalt. City Attorney Robert Cowherd said that the standard for new streets in the city has been concrete but the streets can be asphalt if the plan is approved by the council. He said the council approved the school district's plan as submitted. "They submitted the plans and the city approved it," Cowherd said. The attorney said that the street meets Missouri Department of Transportation standards. Cunningham stated that he doesn't think the asphalt street will last as long as it could have lasted had it been constructed in concrete. He said he also was concerned about the city's response to future requests from developers who may want to construct asphalt streets rather than concrete streets. The issue will be discussed at a future meeting.

Also Monday, the council continued its budget process by hearing annual service reports from representatives of the Summer Playground Association, the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Chillicothe. After making the reports, the representatives requested funding for 2018-19, similar to last year's contracted amounts: $13,000 for SPA, $5,450 for Chamber, and $35,000 for Main Street.

Council members on Monday also reviewed streets proposed for improvements this year as presented by Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie.

The meeting concluded with remarks from the public, council and administrator.

Kenneth Mills and his wife were in the audience during Monday's meeting. At the close of the meeting, Mills told the council that he commends the Chillicothe Police Department for finding the person who struck his wife with a vehicle in a hit-and-run accident earlier this year. "You have an excellent police department," he said. His wife is walking with the use of a walker as a result of the accident.


Chillicothe City Council members are slated to revisit the proposal to change the name of Green Hills Golf Course to Litton Ranch Golf Club when they meet for their regular city council meeting tonight. The idea was proposed in January by the city's contracted management company to provide a unique identity to the city-owned golf course that was once part of the Litton Charolais Ranch. Josh Black, with Great Life, presented the idea of changing the name of Green Hills Golf Course to Litton Ranch Golf Club in January and returned for the council's meeting two weeks ago. He noted that the idea for the name change was proposed by Great Life to market the historical connection and story of the land. He said that the suggested name change was not made by the Litton Family Foundation; but did say that the foundation supported the idea when it was presented. During the council's meeting two weeks ago, councilman Wayne Cunningham stated that he had received a call from someone who expressed displeasure that members of the original group which was the driving force behind developing a city-owned golf course were not contacted and that they would like to be involved in discussions about changing the golf course's name. Councilman Reed Dupy stated that he was opposed to the rebranding. Councilman Denny Albertson said that he had heard only positive feedback concerning the rebranding. Members of the original golf course group were to be contacted and asked for their input because the matter would be put on tonight's agenda.

Discussion will take part during the council's regular meeting which begins at 6:30 p.m. tonight. Council members will meet at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room at City Hall for the city's regular workshop meeting to discuss city finances.

Also tonight, the council will discuss and consider an ordinance accepting "Coach K Street", named for the late Dave Kinen, a popular Chillicothe R-2 coach and PE instructor. The street connects U.S. Highway 65 to the new Chillicothe Elementary School in north Chillicothe.

As part of the budgeting process, the council tonight will hear annual reports from representatives of the Summer Playground Association, the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Chillicothe. The council also will hear a report from Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie and his recommendation for proposed streets for the 2018 street project. In related discussions, City Administrator Darin Chappell will present an ordinance approving an engineer contract for the 2018 street program.

Tonight's meeting will conclude with comments from the public, administrator, council and mayor. An executive session, closed to the public, will follow the regular meeting to discuss personnel, real estate, legal matters and personnel, if necessary.

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