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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 03/10/14 (Hospital Update, Funding Requests, Police Introductions)

Plans Underway for Healing Garden, Auction of Items from Old Hospital
March 11, 2014 C-T

With a little over three weeks of full operation in the new hospital, Hedrick Medical Center CEO Matt Wenzel said things are going "quite well." He provided an update to Chillicothe City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening in the Council Chambers at City Hall. "We've been talking with patients, physicians and employees," Wenzel said, "and, as a group, we couldn't be more pleased with the successes we've seen so far."

The new hospital opened in the early morning hours of February 13, just minutes before the old hospital closed. Wenzel said the transition went smoothly. And now, work has been done to inventory the items of the old facility that are no longer needed. He presented the council with an itemized list of assets and said that there will be a closed auction April 5 to let those who are affiliated with the hospital buy the equipment. The closed auction will be for hospital employees, medical staff and those who serve on volunteer boards. Whatever doesn't sell April 5 will be put in a spring auction conducted by the city. Wenzel said that proceeds from the sale of assets will go back to the city in the form of improving the site at the new hospital. "All this money will go toward the healing garden," he said, noting that a foundation has already been organized for this project. The hospital is in the process of procuring the services of a landscape architect for the healing garden which will be located on the back side of the hospital.

Wenzel told council members about a few minor issues being looked at regarding the new hospital. One is the request for sidewalks. When spring arrives, the hospital will add more sidewalks to increase convenient access to the hospital. The other area to be addressed is employee parking. He is always trying to regulate the hospital's heating and cooling system. "We have the capacity - it's just balancing the hospital during temperature changes. We have to work through that." He also said the dedication plaques which are part of the old hospital will be relocated to the new facility, but a location for placement has not been finalized.

As the city's fiscal year nears and end, the new budget is being formulated. The council heard from representatives of several entities who provided annual reports and made formal funding requests.

Kevin Hansen, University of Missouri Extension - request - $5,000
Matt Trussell, Small Business Development Center - request $7,000
Dan Leatherman, Freedom Festival - request $4,000
Micah Landes, Main Street Chillicothe - request $30,000
Danette Rardon, Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce - request $4,950
Leslie Patek, Livingston County Humane Society - request $70,600
Stan Baldwin, Summer Playground Assn. - request $13,000
Grand River Area Family YMCA - request $14,000 (made during a budget workshop prior)
Chillicothe Area Arts Council - request $1,000 (made during a budget workshop prior)

The council will review the funding requests in the coming weeks. The city's new fiscal year begins April 1.

In other business, council members approved a contract with OATS Transportation to provide services to people within the city. The contract is renewed annually and has been $10,000 for several years.

The council approved the mayor's recommendation of Scott Ellis to the Golf Board.

An executive session followed the regular meeting.

The council also discussed contract plans with Chillicothe Rural Fire beyond 2015 when the current contract expires.

Mayor Chuck Haney presided over the meeting with the full council present.

New Hires, Promotions at CPD
March 11, 2014

Chillicothe Police Chief Rick Knouse introduced to council members officers who were either new to the department or promoted within the department during the Chillicothe City Council meeting Monday evening at City Hall.

New officers are Jordan Webb and Michael Smith, who both began service with the Chillicothe Police Department on March 3. Webb, formerly of Mountain Grove, Mo., is a December 2013 graduate of a police academy. Smith, formerly of Chillicothe, most recently worked for the Caldwell County Sheriff's Department. He also had worked for the Unionville Police Department.

Knouse introduced Johnny Maples, who had been a patrolman with the department for a couple of years and was promoted to detective; and Jeremy Stephens, who had been a patrolman with the department for six years and was promoted to sergeant.

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