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COUNCIL MEETING 03/12/18 (Coach K Street, Arts' Funding, Shelter Repairs, Rumery Contract)

Chillicothe City Council members were split on their decision, voting 3-2, Monday to accept a newly-constructed road leading from U.S. Highway 65 to the new elementary school in north Chillicothe. The point of concern was the surface material that was used for the road since most new roads in Chillicothe now are constructed in concrete. Three of the five city council members on Monday during their regular council meeting said they were under the impression that the road surface would be concrete. However, the school district submitted plans for the new road to be asphalt and those plans were approved by the city's building inspector prior to construction. The city provided $300,000 from its capital improvements fund for construction of the road, which will be named Coach K Street. Councilmen Wayne Cunningham and Tom Douglas voted against accepting the road. Councilman Reed Dupy, who also thought the road was going to be constructed in concrete, voted to accept the road as did Councilmen Denny Albertson and Paul Howard.

In other business Monday night, the council passed a resolution setting 100 percent allocation of city's one-cent sales tax revenues to the city's general fund for April 1, 2018 through March 31, 2019.

Council members also approved a request to vacate a portion of an alley. Brice Shirley, who owns property at 424 Webster Street and 432 Webster Street, told council members that his house is on one lot and that he'd like to put a garage on the adjacent vacant lot. The council unanimously approved the request.

In budget-related discussions, the council heard funding requests from the Chillicothe Area Arts Council and the Livingston County Humane Society. Arts Council Administrator Mary Lou Van-Deventer told council members that the arts council was requesting $5,000 to assist with the programming, specifically, the Sliced Bread Jam Bluegrass Festival and to be a stage sponsor. This year will be the fifth year in sponsoring the festival. VanDeventer told the council that the arts board had considered not having the festival this year; however, the plans were changed after she started receiving inquiries about this year's festival after it started getting nationwide attention through publicity of pending state legislation declaring July 7 as Missouri Sliced Bread Day. The arts board recently decided to move forward on this year's festival and just today (Thursday) announced the lineup of bands, including Rhonda Vincent and the Rage. This year's festival will be held indoors at Gary Dickinson Performing Arts Center.

Shelter Guardian Lesley Patek presented information about the shelter's operations. Patek said that the Humane Society is not requesting an increase from the city in their budget compared to the 2017-18 year. She stated, though, that the 20-year old animal shelter facility is in need of major repairs. She said discussions have started with potential subcontractors regarding prices on the repairs and that she anticipated her board contacting local foundations for financial assistance.

Council members on Monday approved an economic development contract with Rumery and Associates to provide economic development services. The contract of $36,000 will be split equally among the city, FEC Development, Inc., Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, and Chillicothe Development Corporation. Rumery has worked for the city since 2005. He said that within the last eight to 10 weeks, he has received business inquiries, including two site visits from potential companies. He said a local business is considering a considerable expansion and that he anticipates a retail announcement coming within the next few months.

Also Monday, the council approved the street department to declare three utility trailers surplus with plans to purchase a new trailer to better fit the department's needs.

The council also approved an ordinance regarding an agreement between the city and the Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs for an intergovernmental transfer program.


The city of Chillicothe will have a public hearing to consider a request to vacate part of an alley when council members gather for their regular meeting tonight in the council chambers at City Hall. The request is from the owner of 424 Webster and 432Webster, who is asking the city to vacate all that part of an alley that lies between the south right-of-way line of Webster Street and the north right-of-way line of Jackson Street. This public hearing is the among the first items on tonight's agenda. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public.

Also tonight, the council will consider a resolution setting the allocation of the city sales tax for the 2018-19 budget. In other budget-related talks, the council will hear annual service reports and budget requests from the Chillicothe Arts Council and the Humane Society. City Administrator Darin Chappell will discuss and present an ordinance authorizing an economic development contract with Rumery and Associates. The city's new budget year begins April 1.

Chappell also will discuss and present an ordinance accepting Coach K Street. This street connects U.S. Highway 65 to the new elementary school. Discussion was tabled in February over concerns that the road was constructed with asphalt, rather than concrete. The plans that were presented and approved by the council prior to construction, called for asphalt.

Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie will discuss and request to declare three utility trailers as surplus and buy a new utility trailer. Fire Chief Darrell Wright is on the agenda to discuss and present an ordinance regarding an agreement between the city and the Missouri Association of Fire Chiefs for an inter-governmental transfer program.

An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular council meeting.

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