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(Water Park Slide, Firefighter Honored, City Bids, Extension Report, Budget Draft, Art Gallery Requests, Park Requests)

New Water Slide to be Added This Spring
By Catherine Stortz Ripley
March 15, 2016

After a couple months of flailing to stay afloat and finally sinking in January, the plan of adding a new slide at Chilli Bay Water Park - a component that completes the initial construction plan - was revived, and City Council members have voted unanimously to add the open body water slide this spring. Thanks to generous donations by local foundations and cooperation among the contractors, costs will stay within $99,200, a criteria of the three City Council members who voted down the plan in January when the recommended bid came in at nearly $130,000. City Administrator Ike Holland stated during the council's meeting Monday evening that Aqua Blue will sell the slide and do the installation for $122,000. This price includes the electrical hookup for the pump, the Aqua Blue engineered design, specs and stamp. WatersEdge's engineer will provide inspections and punch list at no cost to the city. The city will provide $99,000, and local foundations will provide $23,000. The time frame for construction will be from mid-May to mid-June. Talks of adding the slide were the result of the initial $4 million aquatic center renovation four years ago. Although the slide was part of the plan, city officials decided to remove it because they were concerned construction costs would exceed the budgeted amount. The infrastructure for the slide, however, was completed with the thought that the slide could be added at a later date. In January, park board members, the parks director and pool manager, as well as a few elected officials, advocated for adding the slide this year. Opponents stated that other areas within the city park system need funding attention and they were not in favor of spending more than $99,000, the amount that remained in the renovation's budget after construction. The leftover money could be used for completing the original plan by adding the slide or could be used to help pay down the original bonds used for the park's construction. The leftover funds could be used only for the water park.

Chillicothe Firefighter is American Legion Firefighter of the Year
By Catherine Stortz Ripley 
March 16, 2016

CAPTION: Chillicothe Firefighter/Paramedic Tracy Bradley (center) has been named American Legion's Firefighter of the Year for Missouri. The announcement was made Monday by Larry Warren, post commander of the Vern R. Glick Post No. 25, The American Legion. At right is Fire Chief Darrell Wright.

A statewide honor is being bestowed upon a Chillicothe firefighter/paramedic. Larry Warren, commander of the Vern R. Glick Post No. 25, The American Legion, announced that Firefighter Lieutenant Tracy Bradley was named The American Legion's Firefighter of the Year for Missouri. The announcement came during the regular meeting of the Chillicothe City Council Monday evening at City Hall. Bradley will be recognized during The American Legion's state convention in Kansas City in July. Warren stated that her nomination was judged through a point system which measured characteristics such as heroic service, community service and the role the firefighter plays in advanced training and leadership. "When you consider Kansas City is in Missouri, St. Louis is in Missouri, Springfield... and larger cities, this is a big deal," Warren said. Bradley has been with the Chillicothe Fire Department for 18 years. Fire Chief Darrell Wright compiled the packet of information that was used for submitting the recommendation. "It takes something first of all to have someone who has the qualifications to get an award like this, but it also takes a supervisor who cares enough to do the writing and put the package together," Warren said. Warren extended appreciation of the chief's assistance in nominating Bradley for the honor.

Chillicothe City Council members will consider several bids for the city's new fiscal year during their regular council meeting tonight (Monday) in the council chambers at City Hall. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Bids will be considered for the mowing of nuisance properties, the mowing of the old prison property, sidewalk concrete, fuel and oil, concession supplies at Chilli Bay Water Park, soft drinks at the parks and golf course, and auditing services. Jessica Trussell, with the University of Missouri Extension Center, is on the agenda to present the extension's annual service report and make a funding request of the city. The city is completing its budget draft for the 2016-17 fiscal year, which begins April 1. Also during tonight's meeting, Larry Warren will make a special presentation to the fire department. Carol Gregg will request a building permit waiver on the remodeling project of Cultural Corner Art Guild and Gallery and for city assistance in constructing a sidewalk bump out in front of the gallery. Parks Director Josh Norris is on the agenda to discuss and present an ordinance accepting an agreement with the YMCA for Danner Park concessions. He is also requesting that several items be declared surplus property. City Administrator Ike Holland is on the agenda to request that the formal bidding procedures be waived for additional asbestos removal at the former prison property. An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular meeting, if necessary.

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