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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 03/31/14 (Budget, Funding Requests, Gabel Resignation)

City OKs 2014-15 Budget
April 1, 2014

The city of Chillicothe began its fiscal year today (April 1) with a budget that was formally approved by the city council following a public hearing Monday evening at City Hall. The budget calls for total revenues of $15,363,704, plus $302,846 from reserves, to pay for expenditures estimated at $15,666,550.

City Administrator Ike Holland said he was pleased with the overall budget. "You always want more revenue, but I think the department heads did a good job with what they had to work with," he said. "You always want more, but it's just not going to happen this year."

The budget reflects a conservative projection of a 1 percent decrease in sales tax revenues. "I hope that I'm wrong, but it is trending flat," Holland said. "We'll see how the next year goes." The city will be dipping into its reserves as a result of the city's plan to build a fire training center this year, Holland said. He said that a lot of the money that was granted toward the project will not be paid for up front, but over a three-year period.

Prior to the budget approval, the council reviewed and approved amendments to the 2013-14 budget. The amendments amounted to around $1.56 million, with the largest portion being $1,285,000 in the capital improvement fund for construction of Chilli Bay Water Park.

Also during Monday's meeting, the council approved funding requests and contracts with organizations that provide services to the city. These included contracts with:

  • Rumery & Associates to provide economic development services. This agreement is in conjunction with FEC Development, Chillicothe Municipal Utilities and Chillicothe Development Corporation with total compensation of $36,000 to be divided equally among the four entities.
  • University of Missouri Extension Center, $4,160;
  • Small Business Development and Technology Center, $7,000;
  • Freedom Festival (KCHI), $2,080;
  • Main Street Chillicothe, $27,040;
  • Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce, $4,950;
  • Humane Society, $5,858.67 (base service fee), plus dog and cat license fees, kennel and adoption fees and animal control fines received by the city;
  • Summer Playground Association, $13,000;
  • Grand River Area Family YMCA, $14,000;
  • Chillicothe Area Arts Council, $1,000 for the Sliced Bread Bluegrass Jam.

In addition to the city budget, Chillicothe Municipal Utilities approved budget calls for total revenues of $15,220,439 and expenditures of $15,377,025.

Gabel Leaving Golf Course After 22 years
April 3, 2014

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

CAPTION: Mayor Chuck Haney (right) presents Gerry Gabel (left) with a plaque honoring his years of service to the city.

Chillicothe City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening at City Hall extended their appreciation to Gerry Gabel, who has worked at Green Hills Golf Course for nearly 22 years. Gabel resigned his position, effective April 1, to pursue development of a landscaping business.

"I have nothing but thanks to the city for the opportunity of gainful employment," Gabel told the council. "Lots been accomplished since I started in 1992. We turned a cow pasture into quite a facility." Under his leadership as course superintendent, four ponds were installed and cart paths were added, as well as tee greens, bathrooms and perimeter fencing three-fourths of the way around the course.

Addressing the council and others gathered during the presentation, Gabel expressed appreciation of the four administrators he worked for as well as the mayors and council people for their support. He thanked Adam Campbell and Keith Kepner, who have worked at the course for many years and acknowledged the opportunities provided for young people to develop careers at golf courses. He said his job has been demanding and he thanked his wife for her understanding and support. He told the council that he would remain accessible to answer any questions the new manager may have.

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