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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 04/28/14 (Old Prison Site, Houses at Old HMC, Drainage Issue, City Property)

City Talks of Old Prison Site
Water & Soil Needs Continued Testing, Monitoring
Tuesday, April 29, 2014 CT

The old prison property on the south side of Third Street has sat vacant for several years, and it may be awhile before any significant activity takes place. The property has a "clean letter" from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for all the buildings from 2013; however, as of last week, the city was informed that the water/soil testing will need to continue for the next year, at a minimum.

"The property can be developed now, but with the restrictions around the area being tested and monitored," Holland told City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening at City Hall. The site being monitored is near the building that housed the kitchen where underground fuel tanks had been buried. Holland recommended that after the council tours the facility on May 15, a workshop be held to determine the council's direction for the facility.

The Foutch Brothers of KC has contracted with Chillicothe to develop at least a portion of the existing buildings to include apartments. The development is identified on the Foutch Brothers' website as a "future project" that would include a movie theatre, restaurant, laundry area, and a social lounge.

There was some discussion about removing existing soil, adding clean soil, and amending it with lime - a process that can be effective in commercial situations; however, it was noted that restrictions differ for residential purposes.

In other business Monday night, the council considered bids for mowing the old prison property, an approximate 44-acre tract of land. Four bids were received ranging from $360 to $2550 per mowing. The council unanimously accepted the low bid submitted by Elite Lawns of 1321 Jackson Street.

The council also considered the future of several houses that are owned by the city and had been used by HMC. The houses, located near the old hospital, are vacant, and council members discussed whether to sell them or have them bid out with the demolition of the hospital. Several on the council stated that they would like to see it be part of the demolition package; however, it was noted that there had been some interest in a private citizen purchasing the houses. This question will be revisited at a later date.

Also discussed as a request from the hospital to rent one house for 90 days to an intern at the new hospital. After some discussion, it was decided that there could be too much liability for the city and that home repairs could be necessary.

The council also approved an ordinance regarding a tax collection agreement with Livingston County. The agreement is the same as it was previously, but changes the name of the tax collector from Martha Peery to Paula McCoy to reflect the current tax collector.

The council approved a request from Bishop Hogan Memorial School to use the area between the Fast Lane Family Entertainment Center and Grand Six Theatre for the school's annual carnival. A portion of the area is on city property.

In other discussion, the council gave a consensus to have Street Superintendent Barry Arthur meet with Pam Thieme over drainage concerns affecting her driveway on Borden Street. The citizen had requested that the city pay to correct the problem; however, the council stated that the matter was a private property concern. Arthur is ro meet with the citizen to discuss ways the draining problem can be alleviated. 

The council declared a railroad tamper and an old Ford Victoria police interceptor as surplus property. Administrator Ike Holland recommended that the city sell the railroad tamper to its railroad service provider, Motive Rail, for $2500 and place the old police car out to bid. The city will obtain additional price information regarding the tamper.

Mayor Chuck Haney presided over Monday night's meeting with the full council in attendance.

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