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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 04/30/18 (Hwy 65 Sidewalk, Railroad Bridge Repairs, Industrial Park Farm Ground, Sonoco Easement, Cat Sanctuary Update)

The Chillicothe City Council will meet in regular session at 6:30 p.m. tonight (Monday) in the council chambers at City Hall. Agenda items include a discussion and ordinance regarding a sidewalk maintenance agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation for a sidewalk along the east side of U.S. Highway 65, between Park Lane and Hedrick Medical Center. The distance is approximately 3,182 feet. The sidewalk will be located on MoDOT owned right-of-way, and the maintenance agreement is necessary prior to the award of a construction contract.

Tonight's meeting also will include discussions and ordinances regarding a contract with Shafer, Kline & Warren, Inc. for engineering services for railroad bridge repairs, an industrial park farm ground contract, and an agreement with MoDOT for welcome signs. The farm ground contract involves a cash rent lease of approximately 137 acres to Minnick Farms for the 2018 crop season for $19,180.

The agenda also includes discussions and ordinances regarding an easement to Sonoco to construct a rail spur on the city railway right-of-way.

Council members also will discuss plans for building a cat sanctuary at the animal shelter. An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular meeting, if necessary.

A workshop meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. tonight in the conference room at City Hall.

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