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COUNCIL MEETING 05/08/17 (2017 Streets, Bids, Annexation Request, Railroad Crossing, Sidewalk Grant)

$1M Planned for City Streets
List includes portions of Brunswick, Tomahawk, 11th, Green, Forest, Windle
By Catherine Stortz Ripley, C-T 05/10/17

Chillicothe city streets will receive more than $1 million in improvements this year, the biggest streets budget in at least several years. The city's street improvements budget has been around $800,000 and $900,000 the last couple of years according to the Street Superintendent. The increase is largely due to the use tax, which the city began collecting last year. Last year, the use tax generated $274,000; this year, the tax is expected to generate $306,000. City Council members during their regular meeting Monday evening approved a contract with M& M Utilities, in the amount of $1,052,514 for city streets. M& M Utilities submitted the lowest of two bids for the 2017 street improvement project. The initial bids submitted were $1,717,000 from M& M Utilities, and $2,202,000 from Irvinbilt. Because the bids came in higher than the amount of funds available, two streets were removed from the final project list. The largest projects on the street improvement plan are Tomahawk Road from Mohawk to Broken Arrow and Brunswick Street from Third Street to the railroad tracks. Tomahawk is slated for curb and gutter, storm drainage and the addition of a 2-inch overlay to match the curb and gutter. The budget for Tomahawk is $284,427. Brunswick's project calls for rebuilding the road with curb and gutter and improving storm drainage. Brunswick Street's budget is $269,557. Other roads on this year's improvement project list are: 11th Street from Elm Street to Trenton Street (curb and gutter, milling 1-inch and adding two inches of asphalt; from Broadway Street to 10th Street (curb and gutter, storm drainage, milling one inch and adding two inches of asphalt overlay.); 10th Street South of 11th Street (drainage pipe replacement); Green Street to Samuel Street west to 5th Avenue (overlay, adding three inches of asphalt); Forest Drive - Irving Avenue to Windle Drive (mill one inch, lay two inches of asphalt); Windle Drive - Methodist Church to Fair Street (mill one inch, lay two inches of asphalt). The two projects removed from the initial list were portions of Fairchild Street and Broken Arrow. The Fairchild Street project would have been the area between Dorney and Lambert streets. The project would have involve complete reconstruction of the road for an estimated cost of $300,000, Arthur stated. The Broken Arrow project would be from Tomahawk to Fair Street, for an estimated cost of $206,000. The contractor is expected to begin as early as June 1.

City Council to Consider Bids
C-T 05 08 17
Chillicothe City Council members will consider several bids during the regular City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, May 8, 2017. Agenda items include bids for 2017 street improvements, City Hall repairs, airport hangar sewer project, railroad bridge repairs, street skid steer, and a police car. A public hearing will be conducted to consider an annexation request from Les and Sandy Hinnen, 50 Sioux Drive. City Attorney Robert Cowherd will lead discussion and present an ordinance authorizing a railroad crossing license with Green Hills Telephone Corporation and an ordinance regarding an agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation regarding a sidewalk grant. Mayor Chuck Haney will make a recommendation to reappoint Eric Turner to the Parks and Recreation Board. Also on the agenda is a discussion for a proclamation declaring May 7-13 as Drinking Water Week. The council will also consider changing the time of Planning and Zoning meetings. An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular meeting, if necessary.

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