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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 05/11/15 (Danner Park Lighting, Golf Board)

On Monday evening, the City Council unanimously approved the low bid for directional boring to make lighting repairs on the Green Field at Danner Park. The lights currently do not work due to multiple underground faults. The city received two bids for the boring work, with the approved bid coming from North Missouri Construction in the amount of $18,800. The city will purchase most of the necessary material from CMU at cost and will hire an electrician to complete the project. The city will seek electrical labor because CMU is not certified to work with that high of voltage. The estimated cost for the entire project is $26,000, higher than originally estimated because prevailing wage was not figured in to the original estimate.

The lighting repair was not part of the park budget for this year; therefore, the $20,000 set aside for trail improvements will be shifted to cover the costs to repair the lighting. The remainder of the expense will be paid for through the parks reserve funds. The project is expected to be completed no later than May 25.

Also Monday, the council confirmed Mayor Chuck Haney's recommendation of Mel Brown's appointment to the Golf Board.

In executive session, the council unanimously approved the hiring of Robert Thomas as a full-time street maintenance worker.

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