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COUNCIL MEETING 05/13/19 (Litton Road, Voice Recording System, Ryan Lane Bridge, Street Work, CPD Introduction, 9-1-1 Dispatchers)

The Chillicothe City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday evening, May 13, 2019. During their meeting, the council discussed and approved a bid for much-needed repairs to Litton Road. Chillicothe Street Superintendent Jeff Gillespie told the council he would like to begin the bid process for the repairs because the road is a "complete mess". The road, which is owned by the city and county, is solely repaired and maintained by city street crews; however, the county is responsible for half of the repair costs. The council ultimately approved Gillespie to begin the bid process to have wedge swag repairs done followed by a two-inch overlay and chip seal added two years later. This process he said is much like the one that was done to Mohawk Road nearly 10 years ago and that road, he noted, is still in good repair. "We really have go to do something about that road," Wayne Cunningham, Second Ward councilman said.

Gillespie told the council that a Roadway Master fund still had funds remaining that could be used to fund the city's half of the money needed for repairs and materials for the road. Curbs and gutters will be added at certain parts of the road at a later time. The council, mayor, and Gillespie all said they felt repairing the structure of the road itself was more vital. In March 2018, the city and county entered into an agreement in which the county will provide the city with $50,000 for repairs and maintenance to roads that are owned by both entities.

After the matter was tabled at the last council meeting, on Monday, they voted 4-0 to approve a bid for $35,389 to purchase and install an IP Voice Logger Recording System from Revcord. The equipment will allow for the recording and storing of calls that come into the 911 dispatch system for both the county and city. The new equipment and programs include iCloud storage for three years, maintenance for three years, and the equipment and any needed service to the equipment. The county will pay 33% of the costs for the voice recording system.

The council also discussed the status of the bridge on Ryan Lane following a May 3 car accident that damaged the bridge and left it unsafe for vehicle traffic. City Administrator Darin Chappell said the he closed the bridge following a "severe accident" which did damage to the wood trusses underneath the bridge. Since then, Chappell has been in contact with members of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, but there has been no determination of who owned the bridge. City Attorney said that is it unclear who owns the bridge and noted there is no current maintenance agreement between the city, railroad, or the Missouri Department of Transportation. Council members discussed how the bridge needed to be made wider if it was to be rebuilt. A replacement bridge would take 12-18 months to complete; and, currently the bridge replacement would be planned much like the railroad bridge on Route V. That bridge cost about $1.5 million when it was built. Chappell said talks are still ongoing with the railroad and MoDOT to determine ownership of the bridge.

In other business, the council accepted a bid for $1,249,263.90 from Irvinbilt Construction for road work to Cowgill and Walnut Streets. Councilman Cunningham excused himself from the council chambers during the discussion of bids for the project, which include curbs, sidewalks, crosswalk and materials.

The next council meeting will be May 28.

PHOTO: Chillicothe Police Sgt. Jeremiah Grider was introduced to the city council during their meeting on Monday evening. Police Chief Jon Maples said Grider was the newest member of the department's leadership team. He has more than 19 years of law enforcement experience in a variety of roles, including serving as detective, undercover narcotics officer and as a firearms expert. ANGIE TALKEN/CT PHOTO

During an executive session of the Chillicothe City Council following the council's regularly scheduled meeting, the council voted in executive session to hire Brenda Buck and Daniel King as fulltime 911 dispatchers, bringing the number of full-time 911 dispatchers to a total of eight, more than the city has ever had. King and Buck start orientation for their new positions 05 20 19.

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