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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 05 29 18 (Ashbrook Named Councilman-At-Large, Chuck Haney Field, Hedrick Bonds, Shaffer Park Recycling Bin, Visu-Sewer, Socket Telecom Pole Request, The Sip parklet, 2018-19 Budget, Boy Scouts)

Chillicothe resident Tom Ashbrook took the oath of office Tuesday evening as the newly-appointed councilman-at-large for the city of Chillicothe. His appointment was recommended by Mayor Reed Dupy toward the end of Tuesday's regular council meeting and was unanimously confirmed by the three council members in attendance. Ashbrook fills the vacancy created when Dupy became mayor following the death of Chuck Haney in early May. Ashbrook's appointment will be effective through the remaining portion of the current term and until the next election cycle, which begins April 2019. Ashbrook was born and raised in Chillicothe and is a retired Certified Public Accountant, having been employed with Harden, Cummins, Moss and Miller, of Chillicothe, for 40 years. He was a partner in that firm for 35 of those years. Ashbrook has served on several local boards, including the Chillicothe Railroad Board and the Chillicothe R-2 Board of Education. Councilman Wayne Cunningham made the motion to accept the mayor's recommendation. "He has been an asset to the community," Cunningham said of Ashbrook. "I think he will be a great asset to the City Council." The proposal received support from Councilmen Tom Douglas and Paul Howard. Councilman Denny Albertson was not present.

Haney, an active community supporter, was serving his sixth term as mayor when he passed away. In comments following the regular portion of Tuesday's meeting, City Administrator Darin Chappell introduced discussion of naming the baseball field at "June" Shaffer Memorial Park in memory of Haney. The field, if approved, would be named Chuck Haney Field. "The ballfield, itself, has never been named," Chappell told council members "We wanted to bring to your consideration the potential of naming it Chuck Haney Field, given as a testimony to his dedication to sports in the community." Haney, Chappell stated, was on the board of directors for the Chillicothe Mudcats and was a big supporter of youth sports which use the ballfield at Shaffer Park. "This would be an apt recognition to a life of community service," he added. Josh Norris, director of Chillicothe Parks and Recreation, stated that further discussion will take place during soon to discuss plans for a ceremony honoring the name designation.

In other business Tuesday evening, the council conducted a public hearing and passed an ordinance approving the reissuance/refinancing of bonds for Hedrick Medical Center. City Attorney Robert Cowherd explained that there had been a change in the interest rate; therefore, the term would be extended to keep the payment amount the same. The payments will be stretched out approximately 21⁄ 2 years, until 2041-42, rather than 2039. The bonds are issued by Chillicothe Industrial Development Authority and paid for by St. Luke's.

The council on Tuesday also gave a general consensus to approve a request for a recycling bin at Shaffer Park. The request came from Anna Fisher, a Girl Scout member, who identified the need for a recycling bin as part of her effort to earn Girl Scouts' Silver Award. Fisher made her request first to the park board last week. The recycling bin would be for the collection of plastic bottles and cardboard. Jim Gillilan, general manager of Chillicothe Municipal Utilities, was present at Tuesday's meeting and said that having a recycling bin available could result in a cost savings to the city because the bin could lead to a reduction of material going to the landfill.

The council approved a contract with Visu-Sewer for the 2018 sewer lining/rehabilitation project. Visu-Sewer submitted the lowest of three bids and was recommended for approval by Gillilan as well as the Board of Public Works. The contract price is $329,652.95.

Council members also passed an ordinance authorizing a pole attachment agreement with Socket Telecom. Attorney Cowherd stated that although the city may not want another service on its poles, there is little the city can do about it as long as the necessary attachment and application fees are paid and the attachment is approved by an engineer. "We have to do this and offer it to anyone who requests it," Cowherd stated. Socket has submitted two plans: one for the south half of the city and one for the north half. No one representing Socket was in attendance at the meeting; however, the attorney noted that the company wants to expand its services and that it currently has customers in Chillicothe. It was noted that the company would be in competition with Green Hills Companies, Zito Media and AT& T.

Also Tuesday, the council:

  • Approved the placement of a parklet on Calhoun Street, on the north side of The Sip. The parklet will be in place through Oct. 31;

  • Approved a lease agreement with Great Life for the use of a city vehicle;

  • Adopted the 2018-19 budget message as presented by Administrator Chappell;

  • Approved the mayor's appointment of Raymond Hamilton to the Chillicothe Airport Board.

  • Made recognition of Boy Scouts who were in attendance as part of their requirements for the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge.

CAPTION: Tom Ashbrook takes the oath of office for the Chillicothe city councilman-at-large post during Tuesday's council meeting at City Hall. The position became vacant after Reed Dupy became mayor following the death of Chuck Haney. Dupy recommended Ashbrook for the position and his recommendation was approved by the council with a 3-0 vote.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley


The Chillicothe City Council will meet tonight, beginning at 6:30 p.m., with possible approval of a contract for a planned sewer lining project and the announcement of Mayor Reed Dupy's nominee to be his successor as councilman-at-large until the next regular municipal election on the agenda. The vacancy on the city's governing body resulted when Dupy - as the only member of the 5-member council elected by voters in all four of the city's wards - ascended from the councilman-at-large post to mayor following the May 5 death of long-time officeholder Charles E. "Chuck" Haney. As mayor until the next election, Dupy has the responsibility to select - for council consideration and potential approval - a person to fill the council post he vacated.

Beyond that matter, hearing regular reports, and several seemingly-routine business items, the session in the council chambers at City Hall will include consideration of a contract the Board of Public Works has recommended with the firm Visu-Sewer to handle the project involving CIPP lining and manhole replacement, but without point repairs. Visu-Sewer's bid of $337,582.95 was the lowest of three received.

A public hearing also will be conducted for comment on a proposal to, for federal tax law purposes, reissue or refinance the Hedrick Medical Center Series 2012 bonds. That hearing slated for the early portion of tonight's meeting.

City council meetings, as always, are open to the public.

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