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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 06/09/14 (Street Projects, Stop Signs, Railroad Towers, Surplus Property)

City Street Work to Begin Soon
June 10, 2014

Three roads have been identified for this year's installment of the permanent street program and portions of four are slated for other improvements through the city's overlay program. Bids for the permanent street program projects came in lower than projected and bids for the city's overlay program came in higher than anticipated.

Permanent street projects for 2014 are:

  • Morningside Drive - complete replacement from Morningside Center south to Central and Trenton;
  • Country Club Drive - adding curb and gutter to Country Club, starting at the north edge of Lambert Drive, south to where it makes the curve at Dorney Drive;
  • Adam Drive - increasing the size of the drain box at its intersection with Tomahawk, realigning a nearby ditch, and lining the ditch with rock;
  • M&M will also expand the parking lot at Chilli Bay Water Park.

Roads slated as part of the 2014 overlay program are:

  • East Street - a 2-inch overlay from East Jackson to Route V;
  • Springhill - a 2-inch overlay from Fair Street to near the city limits (east side of the bridge);
  • Fairview - 2-inch milling and 2-inch overlay from Arcadia to Broken Arrow;
  • Grandview - 2-inch overlay from Calhoun to Webster

The city budgeted $150,000 for overlay projects this year. A portion of Peacher Street was included on the list, if funds were available; however, this project was removed because bids came in too high. The city received three bids for its street improvement projects, ranging in price from M&M Utilities, LLC, as the low bidder with $830,130.95, followed by the next lowest of $890,803, and the high bid of $996,339. Council members approved the bid submitted by M&M Utilities. Work is expected to be completed within 60 calendar days once the contractor is given the notice to proceed. According to the contract, liquidated damages are set at $250 for each consecutive calendar day beyond the initial 60 days that the project is incomplete. M&M will also expand the parking lot at Chilli Bay Water Park this summer, with costs split between the city's parks and street departments.

Also during Monday's council meeting, council members approved the street superintendent's recommendation to shift stop signs at Missouri Avenue and Montgomery Street. The stop signs will be removed from the northwest and southeast corners of the intersection of Missouri Avenue and Montgomery Street and be placed at the northeast and southwest corners of that intersection. Street Superintendent Barry Arthur stated that the new Route V bridge on East Polk has changed the flow of traffic in the area. "We have more traffic coming down Missouri than what we had before," he said. "If you drive these two streets, Montgomery Street does not have any stop signs on it from East Street, clear on the east end, all the way to Commercial." When motorists are driving from the east and reach Missouri, they drive up a hill and really donít have good sight distance. "People on Montgomery need to stop there anyway to have good sight distance before they pull out onto the road," he said. Arthur estimated that there are 30 or more vehicles traveling Missouri Avenue in this area daily, and between five and 10 on Montgomery.

In other business Monday evening, the council approved Mayor Chuck Haney's appointments of Ron Cassity and Kyle Marcolla to the serve on the Airport Board. They fill vacancies created by the resignations of David Copeland and Tom Culling.

Chillicothe City Council members on Monday declared some items from the old Chillicothe Correctional Center on Third Street as surplus property and available for sale. The items included a conveyor belt, freezer and handicapped chair lift that could be added to the city's surplus property auction taking place on Friday, June 20, at the former hospital. It is possible that the correctional center items, because of their size, may be sold on at the former correctional center site either on June 20 or at a later date. City Administrator Ike Holland stated that anything that is historical from the former correctional center will not be sold. "We will not sell items such as the fence that keeps the buildings secure or the fancy iron gates or fencing," he said. Also approved with a surplus declaration are a couple of specialized push mowers that were used at the municipal golf course. Council members also discussed making some items available for sale via the internet in an effort to reach more specialized audiences.

Also Monday, Administrator Holland told council members about Canadian Pacific Railroad's plan to install several communication towers along the railroad. The towers, one measuring 150 feet and four measuring 60 feet high, would be located near the railroad tracks and be used for communication in monitoring and moving railroad cars.

Mayor Haney presided over Monday night's council meeting, with councilmen David Moore, Reed Dupy, Wayne Cunningham and Tom Douglas in attendance. Councilman Paul Howard was not present. Action taking place during an executive session will be announced later this week, City Clerk Roze Frampton said.

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