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COUNCIL MEETING 06 12 17 (Danner Walking Trails, Hedrick Sidewalk Project, Old Prison Soil Testing, Parklet, Fire Training Center Fees)

By CATHERINE STORTZ RIPLEY, C-T 06 14 17 - The walking trail at Danner Park will get improvements this summer, after all, following action taken by Chillicothe City Council members during their regular meeting at City Hall Monday evening. The improvements were part of the city's original plan this year but later removed because of budget reasons. The walking trail was re-evaluated and the scope of the project was trimmed down to address the trail areas that are in greatest need of repair. The greatest need was found along the northwest side of the park. This section of trail has large cracks and pitting, and the edges are crumbling, according to Parks Superintendent Josh Norris. The approved plan is to tear out this section and lay a new base with a four-inch asphalt overlay. Most of the rest of the walking trail will get a two-inch asphalt overlay. The parks department will use reserves from two funds: a Certificate of Deposit and the Danner Park and Aquatic Center Reserve Fund to pay for the project. These funds have a combined value of $102,655. The estimated cost for the Danner Park walking trail project is approximately $93,000. M&M Utilities, which has the contract for the city's annual street overlay project, will be doing the work. A change order to this year's street overlay project to include the park's walking trail was approved by the council with a 4-0 vote Monday evening, with Councilman Denny Albertson absent. The area around the tennis courts was originally slated for a 2-inch overlay but is removed from this plan and will be considered at a later date.

The council on Monday also discussed engineering and costs associated with the planning and construction of a sidewalk extending from Hedrick Medical Center to near Park Center Shopping Center. The sidewalk will be constructed using $163,400 in state grant funds, up to $50,000 from local foundations, and $65,000 in city funds, as approved Monday night. The city had already committed to $40,000; however, the city approved an additional $25,000 Monday night to be used for engineering fees on the construction side of the project. City Clerk Roze Frampton explained that the sidewalk project has two parts of engineering expenses: one for the design (which the grant allows for up to 10 percent), and one for the construction (which the grant allows up to 15 percent). Although the grant application alloted for the 10 percent design engineering, it allowed for just 3 percent for engineering costs associated with the construction. After much discussion among the council members, city officials decided to move forward on the project, noting that the city already has a signed contract with the state for this project. The additional $25,000 will come from the city's capital improvement fund. The city will now move forward with getting an engineer on board. It is anticipated that the city will begin advertising for construction bids in November and that actual work will take place next year.

In other business Monday evening, the council approved a contract with Terracon for environmental soil testing at the former correctional center location on Third Street. This relates to underground tanks that were removed from the site after the city took ownership of the property. The soil testing is an added requirement by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is necessary in order to receive a closure letter from DNR. The city's original budget was $9,000, but this additional requirement will cost nearly $6,000 more. The money will come from the city's capital improvements fund.

Also Monday, the council discussed a request from Art Haynes for a permanent easement of land near the fire training center. City Attorney Robert Cowherd will draft an ordinance for consideration at the next council meeting.

The council on Monday also approved placement of the Main Street parklet in front of 705 Locust Street, in front of a taco restaurant. The parklet has two tables, four chairs and a bench. It takes up one parking space. Micah Landes, director of Main Street Chillicothe, stated that she had contacted the surrounding businesses and that none had objections for the placement of the parklet at this location. Concerns, however, were raised Monday night regarding the loss of one parking space, with City Auditor Theresa Kelly stating that parking is crowded in that area, especially on Mondays and during law days at the courthouse. The council agreed to allow Main Street to place the parklet at 705 Locust Street now through early August.

Also Monday, City Council members passed an ordinance giving Fire Chief Darrell Wright authority to enter into agreements for the use of the city's fire training center. The chief will bring back a fee schedule that will be charged for other departments using the Chillicothe facility.

Also Monday, the council:

  • Heard discussion from Chief Darrell Wright regarding training requirements for National Incident Management System (NIMS).

  • Were introduced to Brian Eggers and Bradley Oliver were introduced as new street maintenance employees.

  • Approved the zoning change of 50 Sioux Drive from commercial to R-2.

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