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C-T 071217 - Chillicothe Police Chief Richard L. "Rick" Knouse, who has been employed with the Chillicothe Police Department for the last 40 years, announced his retirement, effective September 29, 2017. Knouse served as a reserve officer for four years and has worked full-time with the department for the last 36 years. He was named chief 17 years ago. Knouse stated stated in a letter addressed to the mayor and City Council that he has enjoyed being a police officer for the city of Chillicothe. "I have come to the time where I need to enjoy my life and be with my family," he stated. He said he is leaving the city with a highly-trained and great police department. Knouse's letter to the city was dated June 28; and the Chillicothe City Council members discussed the letter during an executive session following the regular council meeting Monday evening. Minutes from that meeting were released by City Clerk Roze Frampton just before noon Tuesday and stated that the council unanimously accepted Knouse' resignation. Knouse also serves as the elected city constable. His letter to the city did not address the constable position, and Knouse could not be reached for comment Tuesday. By state law, Chillicothe is required to have an elected constable because Chillicothe is a special charter city with a population between 3,000 and 10,000 people. By city ordinance, compensation for the constable position is $1 annually. If Knouse does resign his constable position, the city would have authority to appoint someone to that position, according to City Attorney Robert Cowherd.


Chillicothe City Council members on Monday will consider a request for a lighted sign on the LifeFlight Eagle airport hangar now under construction at the municipal airport. The request will be part of the council's regular meeting, which begins at 6:30 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall. The sign permit application was made by the project contractor. The sign would be an internally-illuminated wall sign reading "LifeFlight Eagle" with the LifeFlight Eagle logo. The sign would have LED illumination and measure 24 feet by 4 feet.

Also Monday, the council will discuss the airport hangar onsite sewer project.

The council on Monday will consider an ordinance for an engineering agreement for repairs to the City Hall building. The overall project involves various exterior wall repairs. Repairs include repointing interior mortar joints, parapet wall repairs, upper cornice repairs, and sealing exterior brick with water repellant. The bidding process has already been completed and the contract has been awarded to Innovative Masonry Restoration. The proposed engineering agreement with Allstate Consultants, in part, calls for construction administration services (three site visits at construction milestones) as well as review of pay requests and change orders.

Also Monday, the council will discuss a personal surety bond regarding the fire damages at 1413 Lambert Drive, an ordinance approving a contract with the Chillicothe R-2 School District for the use of the city's athletic facilities, and a request to have certain records disposed. The records requested for disposal are (all for 2011 and older): city sticker and animal tag records, personal property tax receipts, real estate tax receipts, tax assessment records, cash receipt reports, bank statements and deposit slips.

An executive session, closed to the public, is scheduled to follow the regular meeting if needed.

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