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CITY COUNCIL MEETING 07/13/15 (Old Prison Demolition, Baking Business, Ordinances)

City Selects Contractor to Raze Old Prison
July 14, 2015

Chillicothe City Council members selected a contractor for the demolition of the old prison buildings on Third Street and tabled discussions regarding a home-based business during their meeting Monday evening at City Hall. The council selected Derrick Fee, doing business as Red Rock, of Kidder, Missouri, for the demolition of the former correctional center buildings in the amount of $370,200. The company submitted the second lowest bid. The lowest came from Dale Brothers, of Kansas City, Kansas, but was dismissed because it was incomplete. In all, seven bids were submitted for the project, ranging in price from $248,858 to $1,708,318. Two bids topped $1 million. Representatives of Dale Brothers as well as the third lowest bidder, Earthworks Excavation and Associates of Higginsville, which submitted a bid of $527,500, addressed the council Monday evening, asking the council to reconsider the bids. It was noted that Dale Brothers bid was approximately 30 percent lower than Red Rock's bid.

On Monday, the council also conducted a public hearing for a baking business at a residence at 2885 North Washington Street, a request made by Willis and Mary Williams. The city's planning and zoning board had voted 3-1 last week and recommended that the council approve the request. A couple of neighbors were present during last week's meeting and Monday's council meeting, speaking against the request. Those talking against the proposal cited safety as a concern as well covenants on the property. During last week's meeting, City Administrator Ike Holland said that the city board was only able to approve or deny the request, based on whether it satisfies the city codes and regulations. He stated that the board could not take into account any type of homeowners association rules or covenants that may also govern the location in question. During last week's planning and zoning board's meeting, Mary Willis stated that she does not ever plan to have a sit down or dine-in business. Everything that she does would either be on a delivery or customer pick-up basis. She stated that the busiest that she has been was seven customers over a two-day period and that she felt the driveway is adequate to handle the traffic safely. No one was present to speak in favor of the permit during Monday night's council meeting. The city engineer stated that he felt traffic was the main issue; however, based on the statement of anticipated traffic, he did not feel that would be a large enough increase to cause any problems. He said that traffic studies use a base rate of 10 trips per day, per single household family so the anticipated traffic would not be a large increase. He also stated that there is adequate site distance and that customers would not have to back out onto the highway to turn around.

Also Monday, the council passed an ordinance amending the procedure of combining or splitting parcels; passed an ordinance as presented by Auditor Theresa Kelly to amending the 2015-16 budget in order to accommodate funds for the old prison demolition, the purchase of bowling alley equipment, and funds for the golf course. The council also approved Mayor Chuck Haney's recommendation to reappoint Tom Jensen to the Board of Adjustments. The council also discussed a surplus sale and declaring certain items as surplus. An executive session, closed to the public followed the regular meeting.

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