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COUNCIL MEETING 09 07 17 (CP Rail Oil Spill Trailer, New Firefighters, Surplus Items)
C-T 09 11 17

The city of Chillicothe has agreed to store an oil spill response trailer belonging to CP Rail in exchange for the Chillicothe Fire Department being able to access the equipment when needed. The trailer is mostly designed for hazardous materials spills in the water and includes a boat and boat motor. The trailer and associated equipment will be provided to the fire department for the purpose of first response deployment in the event of a materials spill warranting water-borne protection. The agreement states that if deployed to a non-CP Rail related spill, the fire department will be responsible for notifying CP Rail, as well as returning the trailer and equipment to pre-deployment conditions. Likewise, if the trailer is deployed to a CP related spill, CP will be responsible for returning the trailer and equipment to pre-deployment conditions. CP Rail will be responsible for licensing the trailer, annual inspections and maintenance an any costs associated to equipment replacement due to depreciation and/or upgrades. The trailer is fully insured under CP's coverage umbrella. The trailer will be stored at the fire department. Chillicothe City Council members approved the agreement during their regular council meeting Thursday evening at City Hall. The council usually meets the second and last Monday of the month, but the meeting was moved up from today (Monday) due to several city officials attending the Missouri Municipal League Conference this week.

Also Thursday, the council was introduced to several new firefighters/EMS employees. They are Aaron Roberts, Ben Davis, Shawn Gott and Tyler Bowlen. Roberts and Davis had been employed on a paid-by-call basis and now are full-time employees.

The council on Thursday also declared a list of items as surplus. The list includes a tiller, table saw, pave stones, motor graders and a Bobcat skid steer. Also on the surplus list are 26 air packs and 56 bottles (SCBAs from the fire 
department). In accordance with a recent grant the fire department received for new SCBAs, the city must donate the used air packs and bottles for use by another fire department.

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