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City Council Meeting 10/29/18 (Stoneybrooke, Board Appointments, Railroad Bridge, City Revenues, 2019 Street Projects)

The Chillicothe City Council approved several board appointments at Monday's meeting. They include: Sharon Curry to serve on the Housing Authority Board; Kevin Jeschke reappointed to the Housing Authority Board; and Gene Moyers appointed to serve on the Planning and Zoning Board (he currently serves on the Board of Adjustments and will serve on both boards).

Bids for the repairs of the rail bridge that crosses US 36, west of Mitchell Road came in three to four times the estimate by the engineer. The Chillicothe City Council reviewed the bids the engineer had estimated would be a little over $33,000 for the repairs from a truck hitting the rail bridge. The low bid on the project was $104,770. The bridge repair bid accepted by the council, contingent on the approval of the insurance company for the trucking company that hit the bridge, came from St. Louis Bridge Construction company out of Arnold, Missouri. The only other bid received was $134,877 from PCI Roads of St. Michaels, MN. The insurance company can choose to seek their own bids, but the work must meet the required standards for the rail bridge.

The City of Chillicothe's repayment of the Tax Increment Financing for the Stoneybrooke Development on the south end of Chillicothe is going well. Chillicothe City Administrator Darrin Chappell says the repayment is through the taxes generated in the district. Chappell says if the economy changes and the total financing of $12.3 million dollars is not paid in 2027, the City is NOT responsible for the balance. The final payment is due in April 2027.

At the six-month mark in Chillicothe's fiscal year, the city of Chillicothe is at 50% of the budgeted revenue. City Administrator Darrin Chappell says this is significant because of how the revenue comes in over the course of the year. Chappell says the increase in revenues is good for the city. He says it also means good things for the rest of the city as spending ads to the revenue of the local businesses and that trickles down to the jobs and salaries for employees.

The list of Street Projects for the City of Chillicothe in 2019 received approval by the Chillicothe City Council Monday. The original list had only one addition.

For the Major Street Projects:

  • Continuing with the curb and gutter on Hickory, which turns into Cowgill, from the railroad to Jameson Street

  • Concrete for Mitchell Road from Ryan Lane, north to the Railroad Tracks

  • Asphalt Overlay and Curb and Gutter

  • Second Street from Washington to Wilson

  • First Street from Washington to Wilson

Chip Seal Projects include:

  • Calhoun, Webster, Jackson and Clay from Vine to Walnut

  • Vine, Elm, Locust, Cherry and Walnut from Clay to Polk, Cherry from Polk to Bryan

This approval will allow the start of the engineering work so the city can go out for bids around the first of the year.


10 27 18 - The Chillicothe City Council meets Monday, October 29, 2018, at 6:30pm for their regularly scheduled meeting. The agenda includes:

  • A bid presentation for the insurance repairs to the rail bridge by the new industrial park.

  • A couple board appointment for the Housing Authority board and an appointment for the Planning and Zoning Board.

  • There will be discussions on the Street Project list for 2019. This will allow the work to begin in engineering.

  • The council will consider a request to purchase a sand and salt spreader for the street department.

  • They will consider a contract for engineering services.

  • The City administrator will ask the council to approve the expenditure of nearly $250,000 in Capital Improvement Funds discusses in a recent public hearing.

  • And the council considers an amendment to the Airport State Block Grant.

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