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COUNCIL MEETING 12 10 18 (City Salaries, Charter Changes, Prosecutor, "Retirees" Defined, CPD Commended)

The Chillicothe City Council set the salaries for the City Elected officials as part of Monday's meeting. Any changes to the salaries would go into effect following the April Election. The salaries for the Councilmen and Councilmen at Large are unchanged, with the salary set at $85 per meeting. The salary for the Mayor is set at $17,307 per year and includes and an increase equal to the cost of living increases given to city employees over the past two years (2% each year). The Mayor is also given an increase of $10 on the per meeting pay to $85 per meeting. The salaries for the City Clerk and City Auditor are set at $54,905 per year, with a per meeting pay of $75. The salary includes an increase equal to the cost of living increases given to city employees over the past two years (2% each year). Mayor Reed Dupy felt the increase for that office was unnecessary. Third Ward Councilman Tom Douglas disagreed. With that, the council voted to approve the salaries as presented.

The City of Chillicothe operates under a Special Charter for city's of 3,000 to 10,000 population. Under that Special Charter, we have a Mayor, Councilman At Large and one council representative for each of the four wards. We also elect a City Clerk and City Auditor. Chillicothe is expected to cross that 10,000 mark in the 2020 census and if that happens, it will mean changes to the form of government. City Attorney Robert Cowherd told the city council there are three choices. The first is to do nothing and the form of government would move to the next level of Special Charter for cities of 10,000 to 30,000 population. In that form of government, there is a Mayor and 8 council members, two for each of the four wards and the terms are for four years. There is no Councilman At Large and the other offices are appointed. The city could go to a Third Class City, which was not discussed much at Monday's meeting, but there are options as to the make-up of the and the strength and abilities of the mayor. There are also set rules for how and what the city can and cannot do. The third option is Home Rule. Cowherd explains. If the city chooses to go to 3rd Class or to the Home Rule form of government, the change must be approved by the voters. If the choice is for Home Rule, the voters must also approve a 13-member commission to "frame," or write the charter and all of its provisions and options. They will have one year to complete the task and will need that document and any options presented to the voters for approval. The Chillicothe City Council had many questions for the City Attorney about the "Home Rule Charter" and about the next step in the "Special Charter." They are expecting to have additional meeting to discuss the direction and those meetings may happen after the April Election.

City Administrator Darin Chappell commended the Chillicothe Police Department on their recent involvement in a vehicle chase that lead through the south part of the city on Dec. 7. Chappell said after speaking with Chief Jon Maples and reviewing standards and protocol set by the police department and the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (MIRMA) is was determined that the officers involved, "...followed every procedure exactly as it is laid out. They did exactly what they were supposed to do, how they were supposed to do it," Chappell said.

The Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney will handle Prosecution services for the City of Chillicothe. The Chillicothe City Council approved the contract with Prosecuting Attorney Adam Warren at their meeting Monday. City Administrator Darin Chappell explained. Under the contract the City pays Livingston County $30,000 a year plus expenses. This contract begins January 1st.

The term "Retiree" was officially defined by the Chillicothe City Council as part of Monday's meeting. Why was the definition important? City Administrator Darin Chappell says it is for insurance purposes. Chappell says those "Retirees" would pay 100% of their insurance, so this would not add an extra cost to the city.


The Chillicothe City Council will have a workshop and regular council meeting Monday. The workshop session is at 5:00 pm and is for a discussion on the City of Chillicothe's Special Charter and different forms of government. This workshop will provide the public and the council with information for the future of the City Government System for Chillicothe. At 6:30, the city council will have a regular meeting. That agenda includes:

An appointment to the board of Public Works
An ordinance to set the elected officials' salaries that would start after the April Election.
A discussion on a contract with Adam Warren for prosecuting services.
A resolution to define the term "retirees" for insurance purposes.
An ordinance for an antenna lease agreement with Midwest Mobile Radio Service.
The council will also discuss moving the meeting date for the council session scheduled for December 31st.
An executive session was added for a real estate matter.

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