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Grants Allow CPD to Increase Officer safety, Community Involvement

In the last several months, the Chillicothe Police Department has received nearly $80,000 in grant funding. In 2018, the department received a total of eight federal and state grants for amounts ranging between $1,000 and $53,000. Grants like these, Chillicothe Police Department Sgt. Jeremy Stephens said, help the department acquire various items, which will increase safety for both officers and citizens of Chillicothe.

For the last three years, Stephens has written the grant request for the Missouri Department of public Safety's Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG). This year, the department was awarded $9, 984.60, which went toward the purchase of winter coats for the 18 officers; trauma kits and cut resistant gloves for all officers. The goal of Missouri's Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) program is to make funds available for the purchase of basic law enforcement equipment that will enable law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and improve public safety. Priority funding will be granted to those applicants requesting items directly tied to officer safety. Details must be provided within the application to describe such ties to officer safety.

The police department received a $9,768.15 grant from the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association (MIRMA) in early November. The MIRMA grant will be used to purchase a new surveillance system for inside the police department, a car dash mount camera, an AED for the police department and six new body cameras.

Chillicothe Police Chief Jon Maples said the grants will give the department a chance to upgrade their equipment. "These grants are putting us in a good direction in heading to the future, and being as up-to-date as we can be," Maples said. "Some of the equipment we have had for years, and we are using these grants to help us in three areas: traffic enforcement, community engagement and having a stronger presence of officers in the community."

The police department also received approximately $53,000 from the Police Chiefs Association, which provided five new in-car computers, a license plate reader and two digital rapid IDs. Maples said that the idigital rapid ID equipment allows an officer to scan a subjects fingerprints and have instant identification for someone who is being evasive about their identity.

Over the summer, the department also received $7,250.86 from the Edwin Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant. Those funds were used to purchase 25 transport hoods, traffic cones, 11 leg irons, 17 mounted tactical lights, as well as duty holsters and raincoats for each officer at the department.

The Chillicothe Wal-Mart has also recently given the department for $1,000 to supplement the cost of new uniforms.

The department also received a second grant from the Missouri Police Chief Association for nearly $700 to fund the Live Scan program.

Maples said the police department will continue looking for grants to fund equipment to better serve the public. All grants for the police department were written by Chief Maples and Sgt. Stephens.

MIRMA Grant Awarded to CPD
City Council Meeting 11/13/18

The Chillicothe Police Department was awarded more than $9,000 in grant funds through MIRMA, the Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association. MIRMA is one of the City's insurance companies, and they provide grants to help with improvements in the departments. Jeff Arp from MIRMA made the presentation. The plaque was presented to Mayor Reed Dupy, Chief Jon Maples and Sargent Jeremy Stephens.

11/16/18 - The 2019 Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG) has been awarded to the Chillicothe Police Department in the amount of $9, 984.60. This money was obtained from a competitive grant through the Missouri Department of Public Safety. Monies received from this grant will be used to purchase equipment related to officer safety. The grant was authored by Sgt. Jeremy Stephens. Chief Jon Maples is the grant's Project Director, and Mayor Reed Dupy is the Authorizing Official for the grant.

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