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Filing for Local Seats Underway

On Tuesday, filing for elected city offices, local school boards and several county boards began. The April 2 ballot will feature all elected seats for the City of Chillicothe, including mayor, city clerk, city auditor, councilman at large and all four city council seats. Voters will also find city treasurer, city attorney and city constable on the ballot, however, those offices have no duties.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the following Chillicothe residents had filed to run for office.

  • For the office of mayor, Incumbent Reed Dupy and Theresa (Gatson) Kelly had filed.

  • Incumbent Rozanne (Roze) Frampton is currently the only person running for city clerk.

  • Tom Ashbrook currently serves as the city's councilman at large and he refiled for that office.

  • Dennis (Denny) Albertson Jr., filed to continue serving as the 1st ward councilman; incumbent Wayne Cunningham filed for 2nd ward councilman and John E. Plaster, Jr. filed to run as 3rd ward councilman.

  • There is currently no one registered to run for the offices of city auditor, 4th ward councilperson, constable, treasurer or city attorney.

There are three seats open on the Chillicothe RII School Board. Two of the seats are for three-year terms, and one seat is for a one-year term. As of Wednesday, Brice Walker had filed for the one-year term; and Bill Hayen and Clint B. Williams filed for the three-year terms. All area schools have open filing. Filing for the Chillicothe School Board and all other school board offices should be completed at that the school's district office. Besides Chillicothe and the Chillicothe R-II School Board, other communities across the county also have April 2 elections for which filing has begun.

In addition, there are several boards seeking members throughout the county, those include: Livingston County Water Districts and the Linn/Livingston Water District #3. The Nursing Home Board, Livingston County Health Center Board and Livingston County Ambulance District. County Fire Districts in Green, Mooresville, Hale and Grundy counties and , the Township Boards also have open filing. There will be referendums on the ballot for the road levies for Blue Mound, Jackson, Medicine and Rich Hill Townships.

Currently, Harry Lockridge and Alvina Ann Benskin have filed to run for the Livingston County Health Center Board.

Filing for city, state and school board offices continues now through 5 p.m., on January 15.

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