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Photo Gallery: Fireball Run in Chillicothe
Downtown Chillicothe was filled with activity Saturday morning, October 4, 2014, as Fireball Run breezed into town. Although their stay was brief, contestants got much accomplished, including their mission to slice bread in the Home of Sliced Bread. Fireball Run has a charity component for missing and exploited children. During their lunch stop, "Doc" Nigh driving the DeLorean Time Machine, told how people can get involved in locating missing children.

See Photo Gallery...
C-T Photos / Catherine Stortz Ripley, October 8, 2014

Pictures Taken During Day 8 of Fireball Run: America's Frontier
Sedalia, MO to Independence, MO
Team 10 - Pulaski Pride
October 4, 2014

Representing the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau are Missouri House District #122 State Representative Steven Lynch and Waynesville- St. Robert Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cecilia Murray. Their competitive spirit and a desire to achieve powers this dynamic duo to join the race for the recovery of America's missing children. On a mission... Team Pulaski Pride is in it to win it!! Ask them about Pulaski County USA! On A Mission-Like a FIREBALL!! 2008 Dodge Caravan Quiet cabin, nice highway manners, handsome exterior. Engine: 3.3 L V 6-cylinder Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive Transmission: 4-speed Automatic Horse Power: 175 HP @ 5000 rpm.

Season 8 takes raw hide to new heights. Beginning in Frisco, Texas, and finishing in Independence, Missouri, 40 driving teams compete in the Most Legendary Adventurally in America. Mayor vs Astronaut vs State Representative vs International Hot Rod Association vs Cow Girls. It will be dramatic, it will be hilarious, it will be epic, but most of all - it will be REAL. This ain't no reality show... this amazing race is real TV. See it on Roku, Amazon FireTV, GooglePlay and SmartTV Summer 2015.

FIREBALL RUN to Arrive Here October 4, 2014
September 16, 2014

In November, 2013, the FIREBALL RUN online television series selected Chillicothe to be a part of its next season. With less than two weeks until the September 28 live production of the action adventure competition series begins, producers announced former WWE Superstar "Raven" will host the show's 8th season. Chillicothe was chosen as an interactive city to be featured in season 8 titled FIREBALL RUN America's Frontier. The official host destinations are; Frisco, Texas., Camden, Ark., Ardmore, Okla., Enid, Okla., Bentonville, Ark., Pulaski County, Mo., Sedalia, Mo., and finishing finish in Independence, Mo.

Sedalia, Missouri, is featured on the Fireball Run website.
Chillicothe will be visited during this host destination's time period.

The Chillicothe stop occurs on Saturday, October 4. The public is encouraged to come out for a city-wide celebration of pride at Silver Moon Plaza in downtown Chillicothe featuring collector cars, celebrities and family-friendly activities between 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Local promoters are looking for a large turnout. The event provides a unique opportunity - an opportunity to see the vehicles, the production and how it is done, and the race, itself.

The mission which competitors will have to complete in Chillicothe has something to do with sliced bread. The fact that Chillicothe became the first place in the world to sell commercially-sliced bread in 1928 was of interest to the event's producers. Some of the local volunteers have been dubbed mission specialists and will staff the check-in station, where competitors will receive their mission packets. Until that point, the mission packets will remain sealed.

Since the Chillicothe stop occurs on the last day of the race, this brings heightened interest as well. Unlike the typical reality TV series, the FIREBALL RUN is filmed in real time. The competition is somewhat similar to the 1980's Cannonball Run movie starring Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise as a team of drivers in a wacky coast-to-coast race from New York to California. Unlike the movie, however, FIREBALL RUN teams are not road racing; instead, teams from all over the world participate in a life-size, brain-challenging, trivia pursuit game called an adventurally (adventure-rally). Their vehicles serve as pawns on a massive game board the size of America. To advance from city to city and score, they solve trivia based on a geographical position. After which they must complete a series of tasks ranging from zany to life-changing. And if you're wondering what the prize is, promoters advise, don't set your hopes too high. Teams compete for bragging rights and a plastic road sign, all while raising awareness for missing children.

One of the 40 competing teams is comprised of Independence residents Andrea Schnetzler and Darrell Tindal. Both participants will leverage their participation to promote Missouri and to raise awareness for Kara Kopetsky, a 24-year-old girl from Belton, Missouri, last seen on May 4, 2007. Every team is assigned a child missing from their home town region and tasked with distributing posters featuring the child; the effort annually distributes more than 50,000 posters across America and has aided in 43 child recoveries since 2007.

Recruiting the production was a joint effort between the Greater Chillicothe Visitors Region and the City of Chillicothe.

The FIREBALL RUN series can be seen on Roku, GoogleTV, Amazon FireTV, and Smart TV on the AdeysTV Channel. All seasons and episodes are also available on YouTube and iTunes. Chillicothe was selected as an interactive city to be featured in (2014) season 8 titled FIREBALL RUN America's Frontier. For more about FIREBALL RUN or to see episodes visit or email

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