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Memorial Marker to be Placed at Gravesville Park
C-T 04/27/17
A plaque will be placed at Gravesville Park in southwest Chillicothe in remembrance of Elmer Perry and his wife, Annie, who gave land to the city of Chillicothe for development of a park in 1959. The marker will be provided by the Perry grandchildren - John T. Steele, Paul W. Steele and Ruth Ann Steele. The idea was presented last fall to the Chillicothe Park Board, which voted unanimously to recommend that the City Council approve the request. Ruth Ann Steele and Paul Steele, grandchildren of the Perrys, made the request to City Council members Monday evening and the council unanimously approved the proposal. "That area is known as Gravesville Park," Ruth Ann Steele told the council. "For generations to come, it's nice to keep it there." "We're the last ones that recall how that came about and thought it would be appropriate for us to make some kind of recognition," Paul Steele added. Third Ward Councilman Tom Douglas voiced support of the signage and stated that he was one of the first children to have played ball on the park's ball field. "We played ball on that every day when we were kids," Douglas said. "This should have been done a long time ago." The sign will be a brass plaque similar to the memorial sign at Simpson Park, but about half the size.

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