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Local Artists Contribute to Hospital
By Calli Price, C-T
March 3, 2014

C-T Photos / Callie Price

A great deal of thought went into the planning of the new Hedrick Medical Center, including the decision for artwork. A committee of roughly 15 HMC employees gathered to make decisions on the artwork to be used for the building, which was led by HMC Executive Administrative Assistant Ashley Putnam. Putnam said she was put in charge of the committee because she is an assistant to Janet Buckman, chief financial officer, who was put in charge of several aspects of building of the new facility. "She wanted to form an artwork committee to select all the art," Putnam said. "We basically had employees that wanted to be part of the committee. We met every couple of months. We had an artwork company in Texas help us select a lot of the art."

The committee selected 144 pieces of art for both Hedrick Medical Center and the adjoining Medical Plaza. The artwork includes photographs, paintings and three-dimensional paintings. Of those pieces, 21 are from local artists from Chillicothe, Livingston County and the state of Missouri. Putnam said the idea to include local artwork was something the committee decided on together, and the idea was spread by word of mouth. "The committee was made up of employees who had an interest in artwork, and that's where the idea came from to do the local stuff," Putnam explained. "The way we found these local people was our committee put it out there in the community. We had some people from the city (Chillicothe) who were also on the committee and got us in touch with those people (artists)."

Fourteen local artists were chosen to have work showcased at HMC, and several artists had more than one piece selected. All 21 pieces of art were placed in the corridor between the main lobby and the Emergency Department. Putnam said they decided to place all the pieces in one hallway so that people could easily view the artwork, and that particular corridor is always open. "We have a lot of talented people in Chillicothe and Livingston County and we wanted to do something that would really showcase that," Putnam said. "We picked a lot of really beautiful pieces to go in the rest of the hospital, but we wanted to do something that was uniquely ours."

Brochures identifying the pieces hanging in the local artwork corridor are expected to be available later this month. "Each piece will be marked on the map with a number and then we'll be able to, in the brochure, tell the name of the artist and the name of the piece for each one. We really wanted to showcase the community, and we want people to know that this is their facility, so showcasing some local artists and letting them shine and be recognized was something that was really important to us."

Those with artwork displayed in the corridor are: Elizabeth Chapman, Frances Crouch, Denessa Elaine, Amber Hughes, Jim Jones, Jan Leakey, Nora Orthic, Terry Plaster, Kelly Poling, Kathleen Radcliff, Barbara Ramsbottom, Catherine Stortz Ripley, Butch Shaffer and Brooke Shreckhise.

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