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Hospital Land Sale Final
By Catherine Stortz Ripley
March 9, 2016

The city of Chillicothe on Tuesday finalized the sale of 9.1 acres of land which once was the site of Hedrick Medical Center near Danner Park to Lifepoint Church of Chillicothe. The purchase price was $172,000. The City Council had voted last fall to accept the dollar offer from Lifepoint Church which submitted one of two bids for the purchase of the property. The other bid received for the entire hospital property was in the amount of $73,000. Several bids were received for individual lots and not all lots advertised for sale received bids. "It is great that the city received two bids," Mayor Chuck Haney said on Tuesday. "This property is not going to be barren but have a nice church there. It will be a great addition in the neighborhood." The hospital, with the oldest building dating back to 1937, was razed last fall as well as several houses that were also part of the hospital campus. Two buildings remain on site and are planned to be utilized by the church, as well as the parking lots and a planter box. Lifepoint Church was organized in 2013 and began holding services at 445 Locust Street, where it currently has three Sunday services. Pastor Brent Reeter said that a timeline for construction has yet to be determined but that the property, which once housed a hospital, will continue to be a place to provide healing. "Our desire is to continue to be a hospital," he said. "Not a physical hospital, but a spiritual hospital."

Excerpt Council Meeting 10/26/15: Chillicothe City Council members moved forward on two real estate issues during their regular meeting Monday evening in the council chambers at City Hall. The largest of the two was giving approval for the mayor to sign a contract for the sale of the former Hedrick Medical Center site near Danner Memorial Park. This tract of land, encompassing about 9.1 acres, is being sold to Lifepoint Church with the approved purchase price of $172,000. The council last month voted to accept the dollar offer from Lifepoint Church and to negotiate a contract to be approved at a later date. On Monday, the council unanimously approved the contract. The contract had already been signed by Brent Reeter, pastor of Lifepoint Church and identified on the contract as Lifepoint Church president. A member from the public attended the meeting stating that she lived in the neighborhood and would be opposed to the closing of 11th Street, a request the church had made in their initial bid. Although the church sought having the street closed, that is not part the contract. It was noted that the street closing request, if the church still wanted to pursue such action, would need to be addressed at a later date. Official closing of the sale is to come after the demolition project is complete. Most of the buildings already have been razed; however, the contractor is in the process of filling in the area where the basement once was located. The parking lots are to remain in place.

Demolition Wrapping Up
October 19, 2015

Demolition crews continue in earnest razing the old Hedrick Medical Center complex. The site where the hospital was located has been reduced to a large hole in the ground and much of the debris from the building has been removed. Demolition has started on some of the houses that are part of the hospital property.

C-T Photos / Catherine Stortz Ripley

City Accepts Church Bid Price for Old HMC Land
September 1, 2015

The city of Chillicothe accepted the $172,000 bid price submitted by Lifepoint Church to purchase the former Hedrick Medical Center land near Danner Park; however, because the bid submitted included additional conditions and because there were issues yet to negotiate, the council stopped short of giving approval to an ordinance authorizing the sale. The bid was discussed during the Chillicothe City Council meeting Monday evening in the council chambers at City Hall. After discussing the proposal at length, council members voted 4-0 to accept the dollar offer from Lifepoint Church and negotiate a contract to be approved later. The contract will likely address costs of environmental studies. Lifepoint's bid, which was opened on Friday, included a request to close a street and for the city to maintain mowing of the property for a period of time after the buildings are razed. Greg Miller, speaking on behalf of the church, told council members that it was the church's desire to have those things; however, the bid was not contingent upon approval of those requests. It was noted that the city would have to go through certain steps before considering whether to close a road. The road in question is a portion of 11th Street. Second Ward Councilman Wayne Cunningham said that road is used by parents of Field School students and that it would be difficult to close the road. Around 30 people representing Lifepoint Church were present during the meeting. The hospital, with the oldest building dating back to 1937, is being razed as well as several houses that were also part of the hospital campus. The property is estimated to be encompass about eight acres. City Attorney Robert Cowherd noted that the sale would not take place until after Red Rock, which is the demolition contractor, is finished with the property due to liability issues. Bids on the hospital property were opened on Friday. One other bid was received for the entire hospital property, coming from Jarod Marshal, in the amount of $73,000. Several other individuals bid on individual lots and not all lots advertised received bids.

Bids Opened for Hospital Land
By Catherine Stortz Ripley
August 28, 2015

Chillicothe City Council members will review bids submitted for the purchase of the former hospital property and surrounding properties during their regular meeting Monday evening, August 31, at City Hall. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. and follows a workshop meeting at 5:30 p.m. Both meetings are open to the public. The city received several bids on the property and opened them on Friday. Just two bids were submitted for the entire property which is estimated to be around eight acres. The high bid came from Lifepoint Church, submitting a bid of $172,000, according to City Clerk Roze Frampton. Several other bids were submitted for individual lots and not all of the lots for sale received bids. The city's bid notice was published August 5, and the deadline to submit bids was 3 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 21. The hospital outbuildings and vacant houses will all be demolished. No bids were accepted for the approximate five housing units. The properties will be available for possession after the closing and after the demolition and cleanup are completed this fall. Bidders could submit bids for all of the lots combined or for individual lots. The City Council will consider all bids, therefore the city will either award one bid for all of the lots, or individual bids for the individual lots. Discussion of the bids could take place prior during Monday night's workshop. Lots for sale: 100 Central (the main hospital site lot, 350x296) and the parking lot area, 1311 Maple, 1303 Maple, 205 11th Street, 203 11th Street, 1213 Maple, 208 11th Street, 204 11th Street, 202 11th Street. The old hospital currently is in the process of being demolished.

Hospital Demolition Continues

By Catherine Stortz Ripley
August 27, 2015

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

The landscape of the former Hedrick Medical Center complex along Broadway Street is changing daily as demolition crews continue to raze the buildings. Much of the newer portion of the hospital - including three wings - has been razed, and crews are closing in on the original portion of the building. The entire first floor and the basement have been gutted and cleaned out according to Tammy Venneman, assistant code enforcement officer for the city of Chillicothe. Debris from the old hospital is being hauled to Kansas, Venneman said. Clean fill, such as the rock, is staying local, and the scrap metal is being salvaged. The hospital demolition project is expected to continue through much of October, weather permitting. Toward the end of the project, the contractor, Red Rock, will pull some crew members off the hospital demolition work and begin razing the dilapidated and now-closed Willow Bridge, a bridge over the railroad tracks in Lowe's Acres. Once the old hospital and bridge projects are completed, Red Rock will begin demolition of buildings on the old prison campus on the south side of Third Street. Demolition of the old prison property is anticipated to take about a year, Venneman said. Online: Video of the demolition can be found on the Constitution-Tribune website at

August 13, 2015
Demolition continues at the former Hedrick Medical Center site. The newer portion toward the west end of the structure is down to debris to be cleaned up and removed by Red Rock of Kidder, Missouri. Windows have been removed from the east side and ready for demolition.

C-T Photo / Beth Cox

Demolition of Old hospital Begins
June 29, 2015

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

The final chapter of the old Hedrick Medical Center building at 100 Central Street began this past weekend with the start of demolition. Red Rock has the contract for razing the structure, along with approximately five vacant houses that were once used by hospital staff and visiting doctors. The demolition contract amount was for $270,000. The parking lot to the south of the existing building will remain intact but everything else will be removed.

COUNCIL MEETING NEWS EXCERPT 06/08/15 - In other business Monday evening, council members discussed the future of the old hospital property. Administrator Holland stated that he had received inquiries from various individuals interested in purchasing selected tracts as well as the entire parcel. He sought approval from the council to give official notification that the property is for sale. It has been the city's intent for several months to have the buildings demolished.

COUNCIL MEETING NEWS 05/26/15 - City Moving Foward on 3 Demolition Projects
May 27, 2015

Chillicothe City Council members on Monday evening moved forward on the planned demolitions of the old hospital, the old prison, and an old dilapidated bridge. The council approved bids for taking down the old hospital and the bridge, but tabled discussions about the prison demolition project, pending specifics on funding. The prison demolition was largest project put out for bid. The lowest responsible bid, among seven submitted, came from Derrick Fee, doing business as Red Rock, at a price of $370,200. At this time, the city does not plan to use money from the Capital Improvements Fund; however, if the city needs to tap into that fund, a public hearing would be held. The city had previously approved using up to $1 million from the Capital Improvements Fund for a developer to transform the property into apartments; that renovation, however, did not reach fruition and the developer was not paid any city funds. The demolition involves razing the former prison property buildings - approximately 16 structures in all - on the south side of Third Street. The property will be leveled, the security fence taken down and the iron decorative fence removed and put up for sale. The city has yet to decide whether to sell the approximate 45 acres as one parcel or as individual lots. Council members are expected to revisit this bid at their next regular council meeting on June 8. The second largest demolition project is that of the old Hedrick Medical Center campus and residential buildings. This project, in the amount of $270,000, calls for tearing down the old hospital as well as approximately five houses that were once used by hospital staff and visiting doctors. The parking lot to the south of the existing building will remain intact and everything else will be removed, Holland said. The city received 11 bids and accepted the lowest responsible bid from Derrick Fee, doing business as Red Rock. The other demolition project is that of an old dilapidated bridge on Willow Avenue in Lowe's Acres. Derrick Fee, doing business as Red Rock, submitted the lowest responsible bid in the amount of $46,000. Demolition of these projects should begin late June or early July and all projects should be completed within four or five months, according to City Administrator Ike Holland.

Asbestos Abatement to Begin at Old Hospital (City Council Meeting 01/12/15)
January 13, 2015

The city of Chillicothe selected 24/7 Enviro Solutions to remove all asbestos-containing materials at the old Hedrick Medical Center. The company submitted the lowest of five bids and was recommended by All-State, the city's contracted engineering firm. The scope of the project includes the asbestos, abatement, removal, disposal and all associated activities for the old hospital building and its properties, including: 1311 Maple Street, 1300 Maple Street, 205 Eleventh Street, 204 Eleventh Street, 202 Eleventh Street (with detach garage), 118 Eleventh Street, and 1412 Broadway Street (with detached garage). The contracted price is $106,760 and was unanimously approved by the Chillicothe City Council during their regular meeting Monday evening at City Hall. The selected company is also the company that is contracted with the city as part for the second wave of housing demolitions. It is the city's intent for the company to begin immediately on the abatement process, which would likely last between 60 and 90 days. Meanwhile, the city will put the building's demolition out to bid either later this month or in February. If work proceeds as planned, it is anticipated that the demolition could begin in summer. Once the structures are razed, the city will need to decide whether to divide the land into individual parcels for sale or to sell the entire parcel to one developer. The land, currently zoned as governmental, would be zoned residential. The old hospital has been vacant for about a year. With no viable options for the building or potential buyers, the city is proceeding with plans to have the buildings demolished. The asbestos abatement ordinance was the first ordinance presented and passed for the new calendar year.

City Discusses Hospital Demolition Plans
Thursday, August 14, 2014, CT

The former Hedrick Medical Center has been vacant for several months and city officials are reviewing a proposed timeline for demolition of the old hospital and several city-owned houses located near that facility. City administrator Ike Holland presented a demo plan during the council meeting's regular meeting this week, outlining a timeframe and raising questions as to the scope of the project. "The goal is to start in March and have it done by September," Holland said. According to the outline, the city expects to complete the sale of remaining items from the old hospital this month.

The administrator announced that the city just recently sold a portable generator for $26,000. By month's end, the city anticipates having inspectors hired to assess the presence of asbestos and hazardous materials and then make a bid recommendation for a mitigation team to remove the materials. Along with the hospital building, the city plans to have four city-owned houses located near the facility demolished well. Holland asked the council whether they would support a proposal of private individuals purchasing any of the houses and moving them off the property. He said there had been an inquiry from one person asking about the removal of a house. The council was in agreement that the city should put the properties out to bid for removal before proceeding with demolition. Most of the council members agreed that the houses should be removed, citing that each needed significant repair and that their removal would make the overall property more attractive for future development. Fourth Ward Councilman Paul Howard stated he would rather see the houses sold as opposed to being demolished. The council also agreed that the hospital parking lots should be left in place up to a certain point depending upon interest from prospective buyers. Once the demolition project is complete, the property will be put up for sale.

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