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Construction Upgrades Ahead for HMC
June 27, 2016

Patients and visitors to Hedrick Medical Center will soon be seeing construction contractors in and around the facility working to ensure the city-owned building meets the most current state and federal building codes. When the hospital opened in 2014, it passed inspections by state and local officials, but new regulations, and in some cases new interpretations of existing federal regulations, now require upgrades be made. These upgrades are focused on ensuring the facility continues to meet fire prevention codes and other regulatory requirements. After reviewing bids from multiple contractors, Ross Construction was selected to head the project with a winning bid of $763,860. Total project cost is anticipated to be roughly $1million, with work scheduled to get underway the week of June 27. Since the hospital building is owned by the City, the City Council will provide oversight of the project, working in close partnership with the original architect, as well as with Hedrick Medical Center. All three entities will continue to work collaboratively to ensure the building meets guidelines that govern construction of critical access hospitals.

"The regulatory requirements for buildings within various industries are complex and ever-changing," says Ike Holland, Chillicothe City Manager. "But we're committed to doing all we can to ensure our buildings meet all necessary state and federal requirements. In this instance, we're grateful for our partnership with Saint Luke's Health System as we implement these improvements."

The partnership between the City of Chillicothe and Saint Luke's Health System began in 2003 when Saint Luke's assumed responsibility of Hedrick Medical Center. "It's truly a privilege to serve and care for the Chillicothe community," says Steve Schieber, Hedrick Medical Center CEO. "We value and appreciate our relationship with the City of Chillicothe and our ability to work together to ensure our patients receive care at a facility that's not only beautiful, but also in compliance with the latest codes and regulations."

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