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Holland Heading to Minnesota
April 21 Last Day as Chillicothe City Administrator
By Catherine Stortz Ripley (C-T)
February 23, 2017

Chillicothe City Administrator Ike Holland is resigning from the position he has held for the last six years and heading to Willmar, Minnesota, a city of nearly 20,000 citizens, where he has been hired as city administrator. Holland told the Constitution-Tribune Wednesday morning that he was contacted earlier in the day by the mayor of Willmar and formally accepted the position. Holland sent his letter of resignation to Chillicothe Mayor Chuck Haney and the Chillicothe City Council Wednesday morning. Per his contract with the city of Chillicothe, Holland must give the city a 60-day notice before leaving. His last day of employment with Chillicothe is April 21.

Catherine Stortz Ripley (C-T Photo)

Holland and his family moved to Chillicothe in 2011. His wife, Leslie, is an administrative assistant at Bishop Hogan Memorial School. Their two youngest sons and a daughter attended Chillicothe Middle School and Chillicothe High School. Their daughter will graduate from CHS this spring. "I'm very thankful for the opportunities we've had since 2011," Holland said. "The community and St. Columban Church have been terrific with the support they have given my children and my wife. We will miss that most of all."

Significant projects have taken place during his time as city administrator. The new $41 million hospital was constructed and opened, the aquatic center was renovated to become Chilli Bay Water Park, a fire training center was constructed and a new hangar currently is being constructed to accommodate the relocation of the LifeFlight air ambulance helicopter from Trenton to Chillicothe. "A lot has been accomplished in six years and the mayor and council should be proud about that," Holland said. He also recognized those who are employed by the city. "The employees and department heads are the some of the best I have worked with," Holland stated.

Holland's first day will be April 25. According to the approved and signed contract, Holland will make $126,400 per year and the city will contribute to the Minnesota Public Employees Retirement Association or an alternate pension plan selected by Holland. The West Central Tribune in Willmar reported that the City Council there unanimously approved Holland's contract Tuesday evening. Holland was the city council and city staff's favorite candidate out of 45 applicants and rose to the top after an interview last week. The Hollands' two youngest children will be attending college at the University of Minnesota - Morris. Holland's current annual salary in Chillicothe is $103,147. He also receives a car allowance and full city benefits.

Mayor Chuck Haney was complimentary of Holland's performance as city administrator. "It was an honor for me to work with a man like Ike Holland as city administrator," Haney told the C-T. "He was very sharp, intelligent and innovative. Some of these skills show up in some of the accomplishments that were made in the five to six years since his arrival." Haney stated that he is now in the process of formulating a search committee to assist in the recruitment of a new city administrator. He is making a recommendation to the council that the city immediately begins advertising for the position. "We would like to get someone in here to spend some time with Ike before he leaves," Haney said.

Update August 3, 2017 -  On Monday, July 31, 2017, the City Council, after final discussion in executive session, emerged from that session to vote unanimously in open session to hire Darin Chappell to be the next administrator for the city. The official selection of Chappell was the end result of a long process that led to the August 3 signing of Chappell. Chappell will leave Bolivar, Missouri, after also spending six years as their city administrator.

Update July 25, 2017 - The Chillicothe City Council has authorized Mayor Chuck Haney to enter into contract negotiations with one of the city administrator finalists; however, no names will be released at this time. The latest result became available following a special executive session Saturday at which time the two finalists from an original field of 23 were interviewed by the city council. The two finalists had previously been interview by the search committee that had been appointed by the mayor. Once negotiations are a complete, a contract will be presented to the city council for approval. Once the contract is signed, it will then be released to the media.

Update July 20, 2017 - Chillicothe City Council members met in executive session Tuesday evening, July 18, to discuss the city administrator applicants who have been placed on the final list for consideration. The council met with representatives of the administrator search committee and decided to interview the top two candidates this Saturday. The search committee members interviewed what they considered the top four candidates over the course of two previous weekends and presented a ranked list to the council on Tuesday. Chillicothe Mayor Chuck Haney said that it is hoped that an announcement of the council's final selection will be announced shortly Saturday's interviews. There were 12 candidates who responded to the first call for applications; and 23 in the second call.

Update July 3, 2017 - The candidate pool has been narrowed from 23 to four. That decision was unanimous among the six-member search committee appointed by Mayor Chuck Haney following the resignation of Ike Holland in late March. The committee is checking references and are hopeful that they can start bringing in the finalists for interviews and a tour of the city soon.

Update June 21, 2017 - Two dozen people submitted their resumes for the Chillicothe City Administrator position by the 5 p.m. Monday deadline. The next step is for the selection committee members to review the resumes and meet sometime next week to select the top applicants for the position. "Following the meeting, we hope that we can bring the final three or four in for interviews and a tour of the city," said Mayor Chuck Haney. "Hopefully, we can have someone on the job mid- to late August." The mayor noted that most city administrator contracts include a clause that requires giving a 30- to 40-day notice before leaving. This is the second round of searches for the city. "We are really pleased, overall, that we got 24 applications," Haney stated. The first search - which was mostly advertised through the Missouri Municipal League and the International City Managers Association - had 12 individuals responding. Although the top applicants were considered, none were interviewed, and the city opted to advertise the position again through MML and expand its search in states surrounding Missouri. The mayor stated that the city advertised twice in the last two city administrator searches - when Dean Brookshier and, subsequently, Ike Holland were hired. "An experienced administrator who knows the state of Missouri well is our initial interest," Haney said.

Update March 13, 2017, Council Meeting Excerpt: Chillicothe City Council members approved the mayor's recommendation to establish a search committee to assist in the selection process for the next city administrator. The committee is being formed following the resignation of Ike Holland, who accepted a city administrator position in Minnesota. Each councilman recommended one individual from his ward to serve on the committee, and those recommendations were forwarded to Mayor Chuck Haney to present the full slate during Monday night's City Council meeting. The committee, as approved unanimously by the council, consists of: Tom Ashbrook (1st Ward), David May (2nd Ward), Dave Rogers (3rd Ward), and Don Ratliff (4thWard). The committee will begin meeting after April 3, the deadline for submitting resumes. The city is advertising for a city administrator appointed by the mayor and five-member council. The successful candidate should have a bachelor's degree in public/municipal administration or related field with 3-5 years experience, a master's degree preferred. Residency is required. Salary is negotiable, based on qualifications.

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