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City to Apply for Sidewalk Grant
CT Tuesday, November 11, 2014
For more information about Livable Streets, visit

The city of Chillicothe is applying for a grant to largely fund a project that would extend a sidewalk from Hedrick Medical Center in north Chillicothe to the area of Simpson Park and the Grand River Area Family YMCA. City council members gave Administrator Ike Holland authority to apply for the grant during the regular meeting Monday, November 10, 2014. The grant would provide 80% of the project costs up to $240,000. The sidewalk would be placed on Missouri Department of Transportation easement. Based on estimates, construction costs would be around $300,000. If approved, the city's portion would be approximately $60,000 and would come from the city's capital improvements fund. Letters of support for the project had been received by the Livingston County Health Center, Main Street Chillicothe, and other community entities. The application deadline is the week of November 10-14, and the project grant would be awarded in January 2015. The grant recipient would need to complete the project during 2015-2016. The proposed project could also include a crosswalk between the YMCA and Simpson Park as well as black fencing between Simpson Park's playground area and Washington Street for safety reasons. On Monday, August 25, 2014, an ordinance was passed creating an agreement between MoDOT and the city, allowing for the city to take over sidewalk improvements.

08 27 13 C-T Photo / Austin Buckner
Chillicothe City Street Department workers poured concrete Tuesday morning, August 27,
near the Fast Lane Entertainment Center. Sidewalks will be poured connecting Chillicothe High School
to the bowling alley and Grand 6 Theatre. The council's vision is to have walkable,
usable sidewalk from the high school, on the north side of town, all the way to McDonald's, on the south side of town.

Holland Envisions Livable Streets in Chillicothe
CT Friday, August 15, 2014
For more information about Livable Streets, visit

The Livable Streets program is a nation-wide program that City Administrator Ike Holland is trying to bring to Chillicothe. There are believed to be many benefits of adopting the Livable Streets program which include: Improving public safety, promoting good health, providing economic benefits, enhancing environmental quality and ensuring long-term savings. Holland said this program should be important to the community because it will improve the safety of its citizens through adequate crosswalks, proper signage and medians; allowing disabled people to have access to downtown and schools; and for people to be able to walk to school, the library, or even the grocery store safely.

Holland envisions having a sidewalk that runs from the high school all the way to McDonald's in the future. So far, a sidewalk has been placed from the high school to Washington Street. Next would be a sidewalk to link to the hospital and then up to Simpson Park and then adding a crosswalk between the YMCA and Simpson Park.

A meeting has been scheduled for October where the city will talk about adding signage around Chillicothe directing people to places like the hospital, museum, high school, football stadium, parks, and government buildings. This sign movement is being made possible through the MoDOT WayFinder program which goes hand in hand with the Livable Streets program. A budget is being discussed for the 2015 fiscal year.

C-T Photo / Catherine Stortz Ripley

Groundwork has begun for construction of a sidewalk in front of the new Hedrick Medical Center in north Chillicothe. The sidewalk lines the entire front of the property and, when completed, will be lighted with lights similar to the decorative lights in downtown Chillicothe. The sidewalk is part of the med plaza project, according to Janet Buckman, the hospital's chief financial officer. The project is expected to be completed within four weeks, weather permitting.

City Chosen as Livable Streets Grantee
CT April 22, 2014

The City of Chillicothe recently announced it was selected to work with Missouri Livable Streets, a public private partnership that helps communities improve their economic vitality through far-reaching transportation planning. The city was one of seven communities selected from across the state.

City Administrator Ike Holland said he completed an application for the Missouri Livable Streets grant last fall. He added that the grant doesn't have a dollar amount and that it basically just provides the means for a consultant to come to Chillicothe and conduct training an a public meeting to explain what exactly a "livable street" is. Holland explained that a livable street means that all modes of traffic can use the streets in a safe manner, ensuring that street width, property signage, proper safety markings and speed limits all promote a safe street.

"This grant will give the city the opportunity to receive hands on technical assistance and trainings that involve our own community members, traffic and law enforcement professionals, as well as our civic leaders," Mayor Chuck Haney said. "More and more communities in Missouri recognize that transportation planning is critical not just to our economic development, but also to planning for our future and changing demographics. We are honored to be one of the communities in the Show-Me state selected for this grant."

To date, there are 23 Missouri communities that have passed Livable Streets or Complete Streets ordinances or policies. Communities can adopt these non-binding resolutions to set policy directions and ensure safe access to transportation for all residents, regardless of ability. This project was funded in part through the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (MODHSS). There will be a public meeting in June with further information on the forthcoming details. No date or time has yet been set.

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