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Senior Citizens Group Dissolves
March 8, 2016

CAPTION: The Senior Citizens of Livingston County committee is dissolving and is donating its remaining assets to RSVP and the Grand River Multi-Purpose Center. Pictured (from left to right) are members of the Concerned Citizens for the Community, Inc. (the board which oversees RSVP), Juanita Assel and Vicki Silkwood; the building administrator for the Grand River Multipurpose Center, Cindy Ireland; and member of the Senior Citizens of Livingston County, Donnie Davis (vice president), Walter VanDyke, and Dorothy Singer (treasurer). Other Senior Citizens of Livingston County include: Ilene Fowler, Carole Hobbs and Martha Hays.

Photo: Brittany Tutt

The Senior Citizens of Livingston County was formed about 18 years ago when the city of Chillicothe donated the building that is now RSVP, Threads, and Joy Toys to the committee. Before the building housed RSVP, Threads, and Joy Toys, it was the Chillicothe Senior Center. The Senior Citizens of Livingston County's sole purpose since its start has been maintaining and updating the building and providing the building at no cost for organizations that benefit senior citizens in the community. Recently, the Senior Citizens of Livingston County has decided to dissolve. According to treasurer, Dorothy Singer, the committee is dissolving because they want to donate the building to RSVP and because "they (committee members) are getting older."

Since the committee's inception, the group has been funded by donations from the public. Singer said she can remember the late John Irvin, Charles Adams, and Leonard Nibarger going door to door collecting donations when the committee first formed. Because the committee is now dissolving, the group is donating its remaining assets. Monday afternoon the committee donated the ownership of the building and $29,000 to RSVP and $60,000 to the Grand River Multi-Purpose Center's (also known as the senior center) building fund.

The Grand River Multi-Purpose Center has been discussing the possibility of buying the building they are currently leasing located beside the old Wal-Mart building (which is now Quixotic). The Center's building administrator, Cindy Ireland, said fundraising to buy the building has not yet begun but the donation received Monday was certainly a great start. The center has not set a fundraising goal yet, but they will be discussing fundraising soon. "We very much appreciate the donation," Ireland said.

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