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Adult Wellness System to be Added to Danner
CT 04 12 18

The city of Chillicothe is moving forward with plans to create an adult motion wellness system at Danner Memorial Park. Chillicothe Parks and Recreation Director Josh Norris presented to City Council members three possible locations within Danner Park for placement of the equipment. The council unanimously selected a location on the north side of the park which is near parking, a shelter house, and the walking trail. The council viewed a photograph and information about the equipment during their regular Monday meeting, and Sherry Weldon, administrator of the Livingston County Health Center, explained benefits of the equipment. The system purchase price is $27,775, and funds have been raised through local foundations and the health center to buy the equipment. The city will construct a concrete slab on which the equipment will be placed.

The wellness system is targeted for adults through the Aging in Place initiative; however, it can be utilized by people of all ages. The system will include several fitness stations, including: stair walk steps, a hand bike, tai chi wheels, zig-zag pipe with a ring, rope bridge walk, shoulder wheel, sitting hand throttle bars, balance and hip twist, balance beam, rope net floor and a snake pipe with ring. The exercise equipment comes with a 100-year guarantee. Placement of the adult wellness equipment as among several City Council decisions made Monday evening, April 9, 2018.

Grant Boosts Project for Senior Citizens Park Equipment
C-T 03 05 18

The Livingston County Community Foundation has announced a $5,000 grant to the Livingston County Health Center. The grant is part of a $30,000 project by the Health Center to fund a playground for senior citizens at Danner Park in Chillicothe. The playground will include a Senior Motion Wellness System from a company called Xccent Fitness.

Falls are the leading cause of injury among adults 65 and older. The design of the Motion Wellness System is to improve an individual's confidence, balance and strength needed to reduce falls and improve everyday life activities such as: navigating stairs, reaching for items in a cupboard, or simply getting up out of a chair. The unit would take up a 30 foot square area at the park, surface mounted on a concrete pad, and will include shading to protect users from damaging UV rays.

From left: Mary Ruth Altheide (Aging in Place Coalition), Sherry Weldon (health center administrator), Pam Brobst, Steve Schieber, Ron Wilder, E.L. Reed (community foundation) and Ann Burchett (health center and AIP Coalition)

The Livingston County Community Foundation was organized in 1998 as a recommendation of the Long Range Planning Committee of the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce to set up a permanent endowment which will grant funds to other Livingston County nonprofits to fill their objectives. The Foundation's major areas of interest are Economic Development, Community Service, Rural Development, Education and Community Health and Welfare, Youth and Arts & Humanities. Since its organization, the Foundation has made 105 grants totaling approximately $640,000 to Livingston County non-profit organizations.

For more information about the Livingston County Community Foundation, contact Ron Wilder at 646-0502, e-mail him at or write to P.O. Box 405 in Chillicothe.

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