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Banners Feature Popular Silver Moon Plaza Photograph
By Brittany Tutt
November 17, 2015

Four new banners were hung near Silver Moon Plaza on Webster Street in downtown Chillicothe on Saturday. These banners feature a photograph taken by Constitution-Tribune News Editor, Cathy Ripley, on a snowy December morning. Ripley took the photo during the pre-dawn hours to capture snow falling with the intention of featuring the photograph in the newspaper. After the picture was published and many C-T subscribers asked to purchase it, the C-T decided to sell 8x10 prints of the picture to raise money for Operation Help and Food for the Needy. Since then, photograph enlargements have been donated for fundraising auctions, and is now featured on downtown banners.

Ben White, assistant director of Main Street Chillicothe, said everyone at Main Street thought the photograph was a "great portrayal of Silver Moon Plaza during the winter time." Micah Landes, director of Main Street Chillicothe, said Main Street was looking for something new and fresh for their banners and they thought putting the photograph on the banners would be a good way to "celebrate the beauty of the picture."

CT PHOTO: Catherine Stortz Ripley

In the Main Street Chillicothe quarterly newsletter, President of the Main Street Board of Directors Pam Jarding, said, "As I look back on that picture, winter did not cause our downtown elegance to fade, or be diminished. For under the reflection of the street lights the snow glistened and created a new picturesque view of our wonderful Main Street Chillicothe during the early hours. So even though the upcoming months may be cold and snowy, it will not hide the divine presentation of our downtown. Winter will just show a different view of the loveliness that we have come to enjoy." Jarding thanked Ripley for "appreciating and capturing the magnificent splendor" that December morning and "showing off our Main Street Chillicothe."

Along with the new banners at Silver Moon Plaza, another addition to Silver Moon Plaza is on display. A 12-foot-tall Christmas tree was put up Monday morning for Thursday night's Memorial Tree lighting at 6 p.m.

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