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Afternoon Snow
February 5, 2015

Snow once again blanketed downtown Chillicothe and the area Wednesday afternoon with cleanup deemed necessary. Warm temperatures are forecasted for this weekend so melting should take place.

CT Photo/ Brittany Tutt

Cold Temperatures Follow Wet Snow
February 2, 2015

CAPTION: The red brick of St. Columban Catholic Church makes a bold statement in the midst of snow Sunday morning in Chillicothe. Photo: Father Ben Kneib

Photo: Father Benjamin Kneib, St. Columban Catholic Church

The Chillicothe area received its biggest snowstorm of the season Saturday night and into Sunday, producing accumulations of three to five inches or more in some nearby locations. Temperatures were relatively warm during the much of the snowfall, with a high of 34 degrees. Many youth made the most of the opportunity and could be found sledding and building snowmen. The snow began accumulating Saturday evening. By Sunday afternoon, the wind became stronger and temperatures began to fall quickly, reaching an overnight low of 4 degrees. Rural roads in the area remained snow-covered today (Monday) and most area schools had called off classes. The wet, heavy snow led to power outages in some areas, mostly in communities north of Chillicothe. In many cases, the snow attached to the power lines, and as the day warmed, the snow and ice fell off the lines at the same time which caused the lines to bounce. Chillicothe Municipal Utilities reported a few isolated outages Sunday involving tree limbs falling into the lines. The city's emergency snow route ordinance was put into place around 6 a.m. Sunday morning, and crews began clearing the roads. The warm temperature helped with the snow clearing efforts, according to Street Superintendent Barry Arthur. "It was a wet heavy snow, but it plowed easily," he said. "It was the biggest snow we have had this winter, but it was an easy one to push." The snow ordinance was lifted early Sunday afternoon. City street crews were out today retreating intersections that had frozen over, widening roads and plowing the airport. The forecast calls for a high of 39 on Tuesday, followed by an overnight low of 21, and a 50% chance of snow on Wednesday, with a high near 27, followed by an overnight a low of 1.

Downtown Snow
12 18 14

Snow shimmers amid the street lights and Christmas lights in downtown Chillicothe during the early morning hours Thursday, December 18, 2014. As of 8 a.m., Chillicothe had received about 3 inches of snow. Snow continued through mid-morning, and there was a chance that it would change into freezing drizzle before 4 p.m. with little or no ice accumulation expected. Chillicothe R-2 schools began classes 2 hours late.

C-T Photos / Catherine Stortz Ripley

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