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City Issues Reminder About How Not to Handle Grass Clippings
05 04 17 C-T

Spring is here, and along with that, comes rain, yard work, grass mowing and fun outdoors. The Chillicothe Street Department has its work schedule set to handle all of the outdoor jobs its crews can fit in until weather turns bad once again. This time of year everyone is working to make their yards beautiful each time they mow. The Street Superintendent is issuing a reminder for home owners, renters, business owners and landscaping companies that blowing grass clippings into city streets and paved gutters is prohibited. "Each time it rains, the grass clippings flush down the street and usually end up on a drain grate which plugs them up and causes flooding," Arthur said. "This costs the Street Department valuable time and money keeping them clear." Even dumping grass in a city ditch may wash down away from one's property but plugs up somewhere down the line.

On this website, the online version of City Ordinances can be found. References to this illegal practice can be found under Ordinance No. 215.040/Public Nuisances, No. 26 and Ordinance No. 235.020 #A. Violation of this ordinance will be handled by the Chillicothe Police Department. Violators will be made to clean up their yard waste and could be ticketed if the situation is not taken care of. If any residents see anyone blowing grass into the street, the city urges you to either call the Police Department at 660 646-2121 to report this or call the Street Department at 660 646-3811. The landowner will be notified of the illegal practice. "Please help the City of Chillicothe keep our streets and town looking clean and beautiful," Arthur stated.

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