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Business near Tina projects up to 500 jobs within 10 years
By Jaime Saucedo, C-T Friday, 04/14/17

CAPTION: On Monday morning, April 17, Tara Industries held a groundbreaking ceremony at its 500-acre site near Tina, Missouri. Officials from the state of Missouri, Carroll County, the City of Carrolton and representing the City of Chillicothe, Past Councilman-at-Large, David Moore, were on site to say a few words. The retired Moore addressed the crowd at the ceremony saying, "We're excited for you and Chillicothe's excited that it's going to be right here in our area." Also attending were Senator Denny Hoskins, State Representative, Joe Don McGaugh, and local Carroll County officials.

CT-Photo / Jaime Saucedo 04 18 17

Tara Industries, a company that converts a variety of plant and animal derived products into clean bio-fuels and glycerin has made its way to Missouri and will begin building on a 500-acre site near Tina, in Carroll County. The site was purchased from American Energy Producers Incorporated (AEPI), a biodiesel company that began building facilities of their own, but did not complete construction. An estimated 75 percent of the bio-diesel plant was completed when the project was abandoned and left sitting for several years. Tara Industries is expected to begin construction within a week of its groundbreaking ceremony and will open its doors in Carroll County without any types of tax incentives. "We saw an opportunity in property and assets, so we purchased the asset from AEPI" said William Johnson, a representative for the company. "This will be one of the largest regional industrial development sites built in the last decade."

According to the Carroll County Clerk, Peggy McGaugh, the former property owner AEPI, had already developed through county planning and zoning and established everything required for an industrial business. She also talked about what it will mean to the community, saying, "We're excited about the economic impact it will have on our community, it's a great opportunity for Carroll County."

CAPTION: At the groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, Tara Industries representatives announced plans to complete the bio-diesel plant facility (pictured), that was left incomplete and vacant for several years. The company expects to begin construction next week.
C-T Photos / Jaime Saucedo

Once construction is completed, the facilities are expected to have a bio-diesel site, corn syrup site, a fish bait site and provide 400-500 jobs in the next five to 10 years. "Based on the business growth and development plan, the
global demand and adding other businesses in the industrial and agricultural field," is how they plan to reach those employment goals, says Johnson. "We're going to draw from throughout the region and even nationally." Currently, the plant site manager, Jacob Oser of Kansas City, commutes from his home in Chillicothe.

There are currently 21 people employed at the site for initial development; however fish bait production is scheduled to begin within 30-45 days, glycerin production should begin in August, and bio-diesel production is scheduled to begin next winter.

C-T Photos / Jaime Saucedo

CT 04 19 17 - TINA - Tara Industries held a groundbreaking ceremony Monday and presented their plans to develop an industrial and agricultural plant facility with the goal to house as many 500 employees. The first order is to complete the biodiesel facility that was left incomplete by the original owners of the 508-acre site. The company will begin producing biodiesel, then continue to develop facilities to produce glycerin, corn syrup and fish bait, expecting to create 125 jobs in the first five years. From there, the company will solicit other industrial and agricultural businesses to take advantage of the large agri-ready site.

The company also understands the potential community impact. "Our focus is to shape the property we have acquired and develop a business and industrial complex to grow the community, provide economic growth, sustainability all while being responsible and safe partners to the region," according to company representatives. State Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, raised in Carroll County, said "the strength of this community is and always will be agriculture. I always thought that in Carroll County, all we needed was a leg up, and I think that's what this opportunity is at this time."

Included in the company's plans is a rail loop for product transport and managing partner, Joe Fischer, explained that the site is "the largest agricultural industrial site in the state, the 12th largest in the Unites States, a top 50 internationally and the largest privately-funded agricultural industrial park in the United States."

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