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Water Main Work Continues
C-T 08 11 17
Work continues on a water line replacement project in south Chillicothe.

Tests on the new line, which extends along Washington Street, north from Business 36 to near Waples Street, revealed several leaks which the contractor currently is working to fix. The test involved pumping water at a pressure rate twice its normal 90 psi and holding that pressure for two hours without leaks. When the line was tested, several leaks were discovered, according to Jim Gillilan, general manager of Chillicothe Municipal Utilities. The contractor, MS Contracting of Brookfield, is now digging up the areas that experienced leaks and fixing the leaks. It is hoped that the fixes can be completed this week.

C-T Photo / Jaime Saucedo 06 21 17

Once the line passes inspection, it will be sanitized and put into service. This line will replace an older line that has been causing issues and experiencing breaks throughout the last several years. "It was breaking at several locations and that brought it to the top of the replacement list," Gillilan said.

MS Contracting was chosen for the project with a bid price of approximately $387,000. The project began about six weeks ago, and it is hoped that it will be completed by the end of August. All the leaks have been at the joints, Gillilan said, noting that the contractor attributed the leaks to issues involving the gaskets. CMU's cost for the project will not increase from the initial bid price as a result of the leaks, Gillilan said.

Experiencing leaks when a new line is tested is not uncommon, Gillilan said; and he noted that the contractor is fixing numerous joints. This water line provides service to customers on the east side of Washington Street and has various tie-in lines. The water line also provides water for fire protection. The new line is an eight-inch main, replacing an existing main that is a combination of six inches and eight inches. The scope of the project was too large for CMU crews, Gillilan said.

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