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Directional Signage Installed
By Brittany Tutt / C-T
May 19, 2016

CAPTION: The installation of directional signage began May 18. The signs are being installed to assist motorists in finding specific destinations within Chillicothe. The signs are being funded by Main Street Chillicothe and are being installed by the Chillicothe Street Department.

C-T Photo / Brittany Tutt

It was reported last fall that Chillicothe would soon get directional signage through town to assist motorists (visitors and residents) in finding specific destinations within Chillicothe. The Chillicothe Street Department began installing those signs Wednesday morning. The project is being funded by Main Street Chillicothe and the city is helping by providing the labor to erect the 18 signs along Washington Street. According to the Chillicothe Street Superintendent, the signs on the north and south ends of town measure four feet by six feet, and the signs in the downtown area will measure four feet by four feet. Signs will be on both the east and the west sides of Washington Street but will be easy to follow because they are all uniform. The signs are a maroon color with white writing and include arrows pointing the way to various venues in Chillicothe.

According to Main Street Chillicothe Director Micah Landes, the locations to which the signs give direction include historical downtown, the murals, Cultural Corner Art Guild and Gallery, Livingston County Library, the police department / sheriff office, Chillicothe parks, the football stadium, the Litton Ag Center, and more. The signs have both the city and Main Street Chillicothe logo on them as well. Landes said Main Street Chillicothe wanted to fund these signs so they could be able to "direct visitors to downtown, our murals, and other wonderful assets in our community."

According to Arthur, the street crew ran into difficulties and was only able to install one sign on Wednesday which is located on the south end of town by Taco Bell. Arthur predicts all 18 to be completed in two to three weeks. He expects the ones downtown to take longer because there are many water and electrical lines to work around and concrete has to be penetrated in order to install the break away posts (which hold up the sign). Landes said as of now there are 18 signs total but a few signs along the side streets will be installed later. "Our new wayfinding signage is not only attractive, it is vital for visitors," said Director of the Greater Chillicothe Visitors Region, Amy Supple, said. "We have so many amazing places in Chillicothe, and the new signs make it easier for people to navigate our community. We are grateful to Main Street Chillicothe and the City of Chillicothe for turning this great idea into action."

City Council Excerpt 10/15/15 - The city's wayfinding sign program is advancing with the council's passage Monday evening of an ordinance authorizing the mayor to enter into an agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission with the city accepting the costs related to the program. City Administrator Ike Holland said that Main Street Chillicothe will pay for the signs, and the city will install and maintain them. Because the signs will be placed along U.S. Highway 65, the Missouri Department of Transportation required an agreement in the form of an ordinance.

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