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Community Welcomes North Missouri Center for Youth and Families
May. 23, 2014

Final construction on the NMCYF building, 211 Locust Street, has been completed and the program is set to begin this July, with full programming beginning at the start of the 2014-15 school year.

C-T Photo / Courtnie Cranmer

Daniel Savage and the North Missouri Center for Youth and Families, along with the Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the NMCYF building at 211 Locust Street. The ceremony began with Savage thanking the businesses and crews involved with this project that will now host the PowerUp after-school program. Savage began by asking attendees to bow their heads for a blessing of the facility, organization and future plans. "Before I go further, I'd like to recognize some very special people who have made a tremendous sacrifice in helping me see this through," Savage said. He went on to ask his parents, Dennis and Sherry Savage, to stand and asked for everyone to join him in applauding them for their work, patience and support for the project. "If not for these two, and the opportunity they have given NMCYF, this day would not be possible," Savage explained. Savage went on to thank his wife, DeAnna, and their 2-year-old daughter, Maddie Mae, as well as his first grade teacher, Brenda O'Halloran, and Billie and Lenard Fair for being part of the Savage legacy. He thanked all of the construction companies and businesses who worked on the building itself.

Savage then read an excerpt from an article written by then-news editor and publisher of the Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune, Chuck Haney, about Savage's grandfather, E.B. "Pop" Savage, shortly after his death. In the article, Haney wrote, "But it is not so much the three generations or the history of the grocery store but some of the things that Pop Savage did while a grocer. First he was a kind man that worked long hours. He let people charge groceries and that was good and bad. No one is sure, we are told by those that knew Pop well, how many dollars in groceries he wrote off. But few also knew what Pop Savage did to help those who needed help."

Savage closed with a few remarks about the building. "I've been saying for a few years that while a youth center and a grocery store are two very different things, what continues to inspire me is that here, in this building I learned so much about life, about how to treat people no matter what their situation, and what it means to truly work hard for what you have," Savage said. "We now have the opportunity to instill some of those very same values into the kids we serve. But after coming across these words again, maybe a youth center and a grocery store aren't so different."

Guests were then invited to tour the building, and food was also provided. Savage stated that many people came throughout the day to tour the facility. If anyone is interested in volunteering/supporting this cause, contact Daniel Savage at 660-247-1703.

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