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Emergency Snow Routes | Temporary Street Closing Requests

January 26, 2016 - Chillicothe City Council members added two streets to the city's emergency snow route list and approved a few changes to the snow route ordinance. Streets added were Bryan Street from Washington Street to Sunset Avenue; and Fair Street, from Polk to Dorney. The ordinance approved also expanded the list of individuals who are authorized to enact the snow ordinance to include the mayor, the councilperson at large, city administrator, street commissioner, and police chief. >> Read More

Jeff Gillespie, who was named assistant street commissioner in April, 2017, was named interim street commissioner, effective Tuesday, September 26, 2017. At an executive session of the city council meeting on November 27, 2017, he was announced as the new permanent street commissioner. He oversees the day-to-day maintenance of 80 miles of roadway within the City of Chillicothe, supervises construction projects, and directs the purchasing of land for the Street Department. The Street Commissioner is also the liaison between Chillicothe's City Council, the Mayor, and the public and serves as street superintendent and facilities superintendent. In addition, the Director is special projects coordinator for the Chillicothe Municipal Airport as assigned by the city administrator.

The Street Department operates on a one-half cent sales tax for maintenance of the city street system and its operation. The City also has a current tax of one-half cent sales tax for permanent street projects.

A street resurfacing project is also a part of the City's annual programs. This involves resurfacing streets with asphalt on designated streets to improve the overall rating of the streets and continue the life of the roadways.

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The City's curb replacement program repairs or renovates existing curbing in the original survey of town. This is also based on condition and need. A few blocks a year are selected, depending on overall cost.

The City also conducts a residential sidewalk program annually. This is a share-type program with the City paying for materials cost to repair the public sidewalks in designated areas.

When snowfall in Chillicothe reaches 3 inches, parking is not allowed along emergency snow routes, when enforced. If up to 6 inches of snow falls in Chillicothe, vehicles parked along streets in the business district will have to be moved to allow for snow removal.

As of October 24, 2011, requests for temporary street closings for community functions are handled through the Chillicothe Police Department, rather than City Hall. Chillicothe City Council members approved an ordinance authorizing the police chief or his designee to issue permits for the temporary blocking of a street for the purpose of holding an event. Applications should be filed at least 10 days before the event and certain criteria must be met, including proof of liability insurance.

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Email the Street Commissioner with any questions you have about Street Department services or procedures.

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The following streets are hereby designated as Emergency Snow Routes:

Washington Street from Third Street to Bryan Street 
Locust Street from Third Street to Polk Street 
Elm Street from Clay Street to Polk Street 
Cherry Street from Third Street to Bryan Street 
Walnut Street from Third Street to Bryan Street 
Broadway from Jackson Street to Trenton Road 
Grandview Avenue from Third Street to Polk Street 
Third Street from Mitchell to Grandview Avenue 
Clay Street from Elm Street to Dickinson Street 
Jackson Street from Elm Street to Dickinson Street 
Webster Street from Broadway Street to Dickinson Street 
Dickinson Street from Third Street to Bryan Street 
Woodrow/Highland/State From Third Street to Polk Street
Calhoun Street from Broadway to Grandview Avenue 
Polk Street from Broadway to Fairlane 
Wise Street-entire street 
Woodward Street-entire street
Bryan Street from Washington Street to Sunset Avenue
Fair Street, from Polk to Dorney

Individuals authorized to enact the snow ordinance include the mayor, the councilperson at large, city administrator, street commissioner, and police chief.

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